VelogicFit 2D Motion Capture

: Here is the latest tool in the bike fitter's toolbox: an affordable, real time, 2D, unbuggy motion capture system.

It's the Fitter AND the Tool

: "I cannot understand why all bike fits aren't more like this." - Comment from a subject after a Complete Bike Solution exercise at a Slowtwitch Road Show.

Bike Fit software mainstreams

: First were bike fit systems. Then were bike fit tools, like motion capture and fit bikes. Finally it's software, including a powerful program launched today that Slowtwitchers can demo.

Fit Bike Recap

: Which among the 5 fit bikes reviewed is the best? Which is the best for the money? And why should consumers care at all?

The Lucy of modern fit bikes

: Exit Cycling is to fit bikes what Lucy is to anthropologists: the missing link. All the fit bikes aforementioned owe something to this bike, and Exit is still going strong.

Guru - Nothing like it

: Our series on fit bikes continues with the incomparable Guru. The 2104 edition is without peer. If the original DFU was way ahead of its time, this new version is just as revolutionary.

Fit Bikes: Shimano and Retul

: Our look at the industry's most important fit bikes (according to us) expands today. We're looking at the Retul Muve and the bike by Shimano. Shimano's isn't out yet, it's due out the middle of ...

Who Makes the Best Fit Bike?

: Shimano, Cannondale (Guru), Trek (Purely Custom), and Specialized (Retul), join Exit Cycling as makers of first-rate fit bikes. If you're a fitter, a coach, or a retail store, which among these ...

Stealth pic of new Guru Fit Unit

: What's the most technologically advanced bike to be on the market in 2014, that you can ride up, down or on the flats, but that won't actually deliver you to any destination? Might be this one.

Adjust your Exit bike

: It's a bit of inside baseball, only for hard core bike fitters and those who follow the process as a hobby. The Exit fit bike - the standard for tri bike fitting pros - undergoes a protocol change.

Year of the Contact Point

: There should be a practicality to things that trumps even what the designer or seller intended for his product. Filling the gap between products-as-intended and products-as-needed is the tinkerer's ...

Retul or go(niometer) it alone?

: For fitters and fittees alike, here's a question you might be asking: What premium does a Retul deliver to the fit process over other measuring devices?

Systems, tools and apple pie

: Judging by recent posts on the Slowtwitch Reader Forum, confusion reigns over bike fit systems, the difference between a system and a tool, and how it all relates to apple pie.

A bike fitting first: Angular head pin on an X/Y fit bike

: Exit Cycling finished work on an angular head pin for its X/Y adjustable fit bike. This makes Exit Cycling, the fit bike maker owned by popular custom bike builder Ves Mandaric, a one-of-a-kind ...

Fudging for negative reach

: Tri bike fitters using the F.I.S.T. system often find they need a size bigger bike for their customers versus what the fit session indicates. Here's why.