Wheel Torque

: First published 16 years ago, this article by John Cobb on wheel (steering) torque is even more topical today, with the increased use of deep wheels since its first publication.

Steering Levers

: Almost all attention in bike fit is given to the fit coordinates while in the aero position. But, pursuit contact points relative to saddles, armrests, and the steering axis is probably the next ...

Graphing geometric themes

: The exercise here is in the understanding of a tri bike's frame geometry. There are several things worth noting, and this ought to impact, or at least inform, your buying decisions.

Bikes for the torso-impaired

: It is not that often that a person needs a custom bike, but this is the most typical of circumstances when a custom is indicated.

Steering geometry for tri bikes

: It's one thing to comprehend concepts like trail and steering axis and gyroscopic forces, another thing altogether to know with precision how a bicycle is going to handle once a design is executed in ...

Bike geometry

: I ride a 59cm bike or, if it's a road race bike (as opposed to a tri bike) I'll ride a 60cm bike. If it's a Litespeed tri bike, I'll ride 57cm, and so it goes. How are these bikes measured, and why ...

Frame sizing problems, Part II: Let's look at the numbers

: Are numerical sizing schemes more accurate than T-shirt sizes? Yes, but only marginally.

Frame sizing problems, Part I: Beware of T-shirt nomenclature

: Thinking about getting a Scott Plasma? How about a Specialized Transition S Works? What size bike is your best fit? Would it surprise you to know that one in size M fits precisely the same size as ...