Graphing geometric themes

: The exercise here is in the understanding of a tri bike's frame geometry. There are several things worth noting, and this ought to impact, or at least inform, your buying decisions.

Bikes for the torso-impaired

: It is not that often that a person needs a custom bike, but this is the most typical of circumstances when a custom is indicated.

Steering geometry for tri bikes

: It's one thing to comprehend concepts like trail and steering axis and gyroscopic forces, another thing altogether to know with precision how a bicycle is going to handle once a design is executed in ...

Bike geometry

: I ride a 59cm bike or, if it's a road race bike (as opposed to a tri bike) I'll ride a 60cm bike. If it's a Litespeed tri bike, I'll ride 57cm, and so it goes. How are these bikes measured, and why ...

Frame sizing problems, Part II: Let's look at the numbers

: Are numerical sizing schemes more accurate than T-shirt sizes? Yes, but only marginally.

Frame sizing problems, Part I: Beware of T-shirt nomenclature

: Thinking about getting a Scott Plasma? How about a Specialized Transition S Works? What size bike is your best fit? Would it surprise you to know that one in size M fits precisely the same size as ...