More Iceland Pics

Iceland is the scene for these images. Two years ago the inaugural race hosted about 50 competitors. This year's it's quadruple that and it will only grow. Arnold Björnsson is the photographer who took the photos below.

Two friends getting ready. One's got 2 caps, one's got a hood and a cap. Cold water!

The paradox of being part of a large group experience while feeling utterly alone in your thoughts just before the race.

Walking through the shallows to get to the deep water start.

The lead pack in the swim.

Kevin Collington was returning champion. A strong gust blew him off the road during the bike ride, and that was the end of Kevin's day.

If we've ID'd this correctly, Allan Steen Olesen with Team Wurtele in pursuit.

Speaking of Team Wurtele, eventual 2nd place Heather.

And the other member of the team, Trevor, 2nd place and fast bike ride of the day.

Hákon Hrafn Sigurðsson, hard to outride and even harder to spell with proper diacritical marks.

The early days of any epic race are the best. No packs, no crowds.

Slowtwitch Brad Williams, in a Slowtwitch-approved bike position.

Jordan Rapp on his Scandinavian tour. Challenge Iceland last week, Norseman next week.

Justin Metzler, showing the pro field his backside.

Jeanni Seymour, like her boyfriend Justin hard to beat if it comes down to the run.

Here are the race organizers. Can you imagine the ancestors of these men, a millennium ago? The most intrepid seafarers on earth? In my opinion triathlon is built of the same spirit.