Brooks Flow (2012)

: The Flow has more midsole thickness than the Brooks Connect. Look at this if you like the idea of a lower ramp and a minimal shoe, but aren't quite ready for take the ultimate "natural" plunge.

Brooks Connect (2012)

: This is the Pure Project model that comes closest to a minimalist shoe, but the sole is still too cushioned to fit squarely into the minimalist category. It's natural running with a bit more cushion.

Brooks Glycerin 9 (2012)

: Forget the literary overreach by Brooks on the technical aspects of this shoe. The ecstasy exceeds the utility. Just wear the shoe. It's a very good update of the Glycerin line.

Brooks Ariel/Beast (2010)

: In contrast to the storming hordes proclaiming natural gaits and barefoot running, the Brooks Beast stands its post, on its wall. Overpronation? Not on its watch.

Brooks Green Silence

: Brooks is not known for shoes that shout at you, but, the Green Silence is a bold and garish racing flat from an otherwise conservative - even classic - shoe company.