HOKA One One Torrent 2: An All Off-Road Shoe

: If your running involves anything but pavement or concrete, the Torrent is worth a look.

HOKA Speedgoat 4: The Ultimate Winter Running Shoe

: If snow, slush, mud, and roads are the terrain, this HOKA shoe is the game.

HOKA One One Carbon X 2

: HOKA has gained confidence in how it makes shoes, and that is evident in the Carbon X 2.

The HOKA Mach 4 Does Not Live Down to its Expectations

: The facepalming Mach series got a major facelift. This shoe is... wow.

Run Shoe Preferences for Training

: You race in Nike almost as often as you race in HOKA. Training? Not quite so much.

A Lace in Point

: Sometimes we have to micro-adjust macro-produced products.

A Conversation on HOKA's New Clifton and Clifton Edge

: The Clifton run family expands with the new Clifton Edge. How does it stack up?

Elevon 2: HOKA's Best Lightweight Trainer Debut in Years

: HOKA is again making a crackerjack lightweight trainer for me.

Reconsidering My Run Shoe Brand

: The themes that animated me when HOKA first came out are soon (finally!) more widely available.

HOKA One One Carbon X

: Carbon X is more a lightweight trainer, by category, but it’s going to be my racing flat and maybe it should be yours too.

HOKA Devotees: Our Shoe is Back!

: It's the reissue of the original (and still the best) Bondi B. This retro issue is for hipsters and "jog walkers". But that won't stop me.

The Clifton 5: HOKA Made a Good Shoe Great

: Footwear companies are famous for wrecking a good shoe. In this case, a good shoe keeps getting better.

Not the Long Haired Hippy Bondi I Used to Love

: The HOKA One One Bondi 5 is a really nice shoe. But it’s not the shoe I fell in love with, and that I wrote about so exuberantly 7 years ago today.

Hoka Vanquish 2

: Has the Vanquish 2 vanquished the Bondi? Yes. No. I don't know. I'm conflicted. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.

Hoka Bondi 4

: Waiting for the Bondi 4 was like crossing a desert. My canteens were filled with the Bondi 2, bought at closeout. Is the Bondi 4 the oasis I hoped to find?

Hoka Clifton

: The Clifton is the highly anticipated sub-8oz shoe that still retains a lot of its height and plush. How did Hoka carve amost 4oz out of the Bondi, and at what cost?

Stinson versus Bondi

: Triathletes discovered Hokas, but are still wondering: Bondi or Stinson? Here's a comparison of the two.

What Hoka Means

: Yes, the name Hoka One One means something in Maori. But that's not the question. What does this shoe mean? For the future of running? It means a fundamental change in the way you consider shoes.