Hoka Bondi 4

: Waiting for the Bondi 4 was like crossing a desert. My canteens were filled with the Bondi 2, bought at closeout. Is the Bondi 4 the oasis I hoped to find?

Hoka Clifton

: The Clifton is the highly anticipated sub-8oz shoe that still retains a lot of its height and plush. How did Hoka carve amost 4oz out of the Bondi, and at what cost?

Stinson versus Bondi

: Triathletes discovered Hokas, but are still wondering: Bondi or Stinson? Here's a comparison of the two.

What Hoka Means

: Yes, the name Hoka One One means something in Maori. But that's not the question. What does this shoe mean? For the future of running? It means a fundamental change in the way you consider shoes.