Shoe Height and Ramp Angle

: Let's break "barefoot" running down into its constituent parts. Is it a techology or a technique? Or both? Today, we're looking at the question of shoe height.

The Great Running Debate

: What constitutes good running form? Does good form lend itself to natural, or barefoot, or minimalist, running technology? What are the hallmarks of that technology?

Mating feet to shoes

: We're talking running footwear against the backdrop of an article in today's NYT that either misunderstands, or faithfully represents a misunderstanding, of how feet are best mated to running shoes.

Tech footwear demystifier

: We write about running footwear here a lot. It seemed appropriate to tell you how to read and interpret these articles. What is a "pronator?" What is a "last?" What is an "outsole," and a "medial ...