More fast female pros on their bikes in Kona

There were some amazing performances at the 2016 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and here are various fast female pros on their bikes - on a day with a great attrition rate. But as a reminder, a couple days ago we loaded up another female bike gallery, plus we have also fast pro men on their bikes.

American Sarah Piampiano on the way to 7th place with a 5:07:29 bike split.

A 5:07:45 bike split was very solid for American Meredith Kessler but she struggled home with a 4:19:32 marathon.

In her final race in Kona the popular American Mary Beth Ellis rode 5:07:30.

German Katja Konschak had a 5:35:59 bike split.

The Kona newbie pro Kaisa Lehtonen from Finland rode 5:08:45 on the way to 5th place.

Dutch Yvonne Van Vlerken had a 5:09:10 bike split, but did not finish the race.

The 5:10:50 bike time and a solid run earned Aussie Carrie Lester 10th place..

The course in Kona clearly offers some fine challenges.

Natascha Badmann was a surprise late entry and she managed a 5:22:25 bike time.

After a solid 5:09:05 bike time Brit Jodie Swallow suffered during the run.

Spanish pro Saleta Castro Nogueira had a 5:41:14 bike split.

A 5:29:15 bike split for American Laurel Wassner in Kona.

It was a DNF for Belgian Tine Deckers after a 5:09:06 bike split.

American Liz Lyles had a 5:7:46 bike time on the way to a 9:56:31 time and 25th pro place.

In the end it was 9:44:03 for Aussie Dimity-Lee Duke after a 5:15:21 bike split.

Spanish pro Gurutze Frades rode 5:25:31 in Kona on the way to a 10:18:46 finish time.

German Verena Walter tries to avoid radar detection with a 5:20:15 bike split.

American Meredith Kessler leads a small group towards Hawi with no one else in sight.

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