Quintana Roo's New Superbike: The V-PR

: New superbikes are usually either epic fails or big hits. I’m not a good prognosticator but I think this one is big hit material.

QR's PRfive Disc: Easy to Buy, and Easy to Live With

: Quintana Roo makes the case that, once you know your fit numbers, direct-to-consumer is a great purchasing option.

The Fast Blue QR PRsix2 of Allan Hovda

: Norwegian Allan Hovda has won Norseman, Swissman, the Lofoten Triathlon and Ironman Haugesund, and just recently did Norseman solo and a 24 hour ride on his new blue Quintana Roo PRsix2. We took a ...

QR's New PRSix2: Slowman's Build

: I mixed and matched parts a little, to get a a bike I really enjoy riding.

The trick Quintana Roo PRsix of Allan Hovda

: Allan Hovda is a 3-time Norseman champion but he is not content to sit on his laurels. He has worked feverishly on his new QR PRsix Disc to make it as wind slippery as possible, and he is also ...

Quintana Roo's PRFour

: There are 8, maybe 12 tops, relevant brands in no-draft tri. QR is among them. This new bike pushed into the top 4.

The black and neon yellow QR PRsix of Joe Gambles

: Aussie Joe Gambles closed out his 2018 season with a runner-up spot at Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells behind Lionel Sanders and we looked closer at his Quintana Roo PRsix Disc in Niwot, Colorado.

The red Roo of Matt Hanson

: American Matt Hanson is ready for the upcoming IRONMAN World Championships in Kona and we looked closer at his bright red Quintana Roo PRsix.

QR Discifies its PR6

: QR intros its PR6 as a disc brake bike, having done much more than just throw a disc and thru axle into its frame.

Simple, Cheap and Fast, All At Once

: What I heard: "I often think that all tri bikes other than the P2/P3 and PR3/5 should be done away with."

The Orange Crush of Timo Bracht

: Timo Bracht closed out his professional triathlon career with a 4th place finish at DATEV Challenge Roth and here is a closer look at his "Orange Crush" Quintana Roo PRsix race bike.

QR PR6: For Want of a Stem

: For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a stem a superbike was, well, not lost exactly, but...

Quintana Roo's New PR3

: QR smells blood in the water, and the PRthree is priced to buy business. This is not just a bike, it's a window into this company's approach to an industry facing headwinds.

The fine QR PRsix of Lasse Ibert

: Age grouper Lasse Ibert is not only fast, he is also very smart when it comes to bike details and fitting. He went sub-9 in Roth aboard this customized QR PRsix.

Quintana Roo unveils PRfive bike

: QR launched a PRfive model at Challenge Roth and the Triathlon Business International conference. A lower point of entry, with proven technology and simplicity.

Timo Bracht's Quintana Roo PRsix

: The defending Challenge Roth champ Timo Bracht returns to the race with a new bike sponsor and a tricked out Shimano equipped Quintana Roo PRsix.

QR's PRsix for 2015

: What if, instead of cramming every possible feature into a bike, somebody built one that was easy to adjust, easy to travel with, and was light, and was fast?

Matt Hanson's QR PR6

: Enjoy this closer look at the Quintana Roo PRsix race bike of Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas champion Matt Hanson - the man with the golden ticket to Kona.

Callum Millward's QR PR6

: Kiwi Pro Callum Millward will race the Ironman 70.3 Raleigh on the new Quintana Roo PR6 super bike and we managed to take a closer look before it went into battle.

QR unveils a new mold

: Quintana Roo's latest tri bike is the PR6, and the attempt is to make a bike that's easy to work on, easy to travel with, fits well, hits the high notes, but is still competitive aerodynamically.

A QR development bike

: The folks at Quintana Roo appeared to hide the development bike they brought to Kona, but we noticed it and managed to pull it away for a few minutes.

A picture tour of ABG

: On a recent trip through Chattanooga, TN we managed to get a look inside the American Bicycle Group and managed to snap a few images of the people there and some of the ongoing projects.

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