Quintana Roo's PRFour

: There are 8, maybe 12 tops, relevant brands in no-draft tri. QR is among them. This new bike pushed into the top 4.

The black and neon yellow QR PRsix of Joe Gambles

: Aussie Joe Gambles closed out his 2018 season with a runner-up spot at Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells behind Lionel Sanders and we looked closer at his Quintana Roo PRsix Disc in Niwot, Colorado.

The red Roo of Matt Hanson

: American Matt Hanson is ready for the upcoming IRONMAN World Championships in Kona and we looked closer at his bright red Quintana Roo PRsix.

QR Discifies its PR6

: QR intros its PR6 as a disc brake bike, having done much more than just throw a disc and thru axle into its frame.

Simple, Cheap and Fast, All At Once

: What I heard: "I often think that all tri bikes other than the P2/P3 and PR3/5 should be done away with."

The Orange Crush of Timo Bracht

: Timo Bracht closed out his professional triathlon career with a 4th place finish at DATEV Challenge Roth and here is a closer look at his "Orange Crush" Quintana Roo PRsix race bike.

QR PR6: For Want of a Stem

: For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a stem a superbike was, well, not lost exactly, but...

Quintana Roo's New PR3

: QR smells blood in the water, and the PRthree is priced to buy business. This is not just a bike, it's a window into this company's approach to an industry facing headwinds.

The fine QR PRsix of Lasse Ibert

: Age grouper Lasse Ibert is not only fast, he is also very smart when it comes to bike details and fitting. He went sub-9 in Roth aboard this customized QR PRsix.

Quintana Roo unveils PRfive bike

: QR launched a PRfive model at Challenge Roth and the Triathlon Business International conference. A lower point of entry, with proven technology and simplicity.

Timo Bracht's Quintana Roo PRsix

: The defending Challenge Roth champ Timo Bracht returns to the race with a new bike sponsor and a tricked out Shimano equipped Quintana Roo PRsix.

QR's PRsix for 2015

: What if, instead of cramming every possible feature into a bike, somebody built one that was easy to adjust, easy to travel with, and was light, and was fast?

Matt Hanson's QR PR6

: Enjoy this closer look at the Quintana Roo PRsix race bike of Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas champion Matt Hanson - the man with the golden ticket to Kona.

Callum Millward's QR PR6

: Kiwi Pro Callum Millward will race the Ironman 70.3 Raleigh on the new Quintana Roo PR6 super bike and we managed to take a closer look before it went into battle.

QR unveils a new mold

: Quintana Roo's latest tri bike is the PR6, and the attempt is to make a bike that's easy to work on, easy to travel with, fits well, hits the high notes, but is still competitive aerodynamically.

A QR development bike

: The folks at Quintana Roo appeared to hide the development bike they brought to Kona, but we noticed it and managed to pull it away for a few minutes.

A picture tour of ABG

: On a recent trip through Chattanooga, TN we managed to get a look inside the American Bicycle Group and managed to snap a few images of the people there and some of the ongoing projects.

Quintana Roo CD0.1 (2011)

: The CD0.1 has a unique narrative. Clever, really. An asymmetric down tube that moves air from the drive side of the bike to the left side, with a smartly-spec'd midrange kit at $3300 for a complete ...

QR Seduza (2011)

: Quintana Roo's Seduza remains a potent buy for 2011, maybe even more so as other manufacturers set their attention to tri bikes higher in price. But are the geometric changes for 2011 a plus?

Quintana Roo Seduza

: This 2010 Seduza is a singular example of this American company with a Mexican name's resurgence. It's a full-carbon monocoque chassis with all the sex features.