Kienle opts for a SCOTT Foil in Cannes

The 2014 IRONMAN World Champion Sebastian Kienle will race the Cannes International Triathlon this weekend, but instead of racing his trusted SCOTT Plasma, the fast German has opted to tackle the hilly 100km course on a SCOTT Foil.

The Foil is an aerodynamically optimized road bike of the SCOTT brand and is more often seen in action in major European road events, or under sponsored ITU athletes. Kienle however will likely put this bike to good use in Cannes.

Kienle's team mounted the long Profile Design aero extensions under the road bars. Kienle is a SRAM man and he uses SRAM Red E-tap on his bike.

The most distinctive element of his setup is the Drag 2 Zero mono armrest. Kienle uses that pad system also on his Plasma TT bike and it gives him many options in terms of arm positions

A different perspective of this unique and distinctive armrest.

Another SRAM E-tap button is mounted under his extensions.

Typically Kienle has aero bottles on his road bike, but in a race like this with regular bottles he can easily dump one and receive a new one.

The relatively new ZIPP NSW 454 wheels are on Kienle's bike, and he is racing on Continental GrandPrix Supersonic 23mm tires.

Kienle has direct mounted EE brakes front and back on his Foil.

The SRAM Red E-tap rear derailleur is ready for action.

Kienle slammed his Prologo saddle all the way forward.

The 53/39 chainrings should be sufficient for the task.

All images © Michael Rauschendorfer