When To Oil, Grease, Friction Paste, Anti-Seize, or Threadlock

: Based on my years of building bikes, here are the substance types I'm currently using on a bike.

Bike Washing For the Lazy Person

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Saving Face, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love My Brakes

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The Wrenegade Wrench: Disc Brake Bits

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The Wrenegade Wrench Series: Homebrew Cable Guide Kit

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How to Redecal a Bike Frame

: I’m using my OCOEE, err, my OBED as a prop for how to redecal a bike frame. The assumption is that it’s a top mount vinyl decal.

Yes, You Can Change Your Smart Trainer to 12-speed

: Here's the cost and the process to migrate almost any smart trainer from 11sp to 12sp.

Internal Cable Management

: If bike ownership is a hobby, not just an unfortunate necessity, don't go crazy trying to wrangle internal cabling. Here are my tips.