Watts Up in Watopia: Striving Toward Shared Goals

: Zwift Academy Road, Vitality Vax rides, and 100/100 challenge

Watts Up in Watopia: Route Hunters Rejoice

: Route progress bar and Zwift Academy updates

Watts Up in Watopia: Group Chat and Segments

: The Zwift group messaging is where it’s at!

Watts Up in Watopia: Celebrate Major Taylor

: This week, celebrate Major Taylor’s historic championship and log more distance for your Collins Cup team

Watts Up in Watopia: Beat the Heat and the Virtual Collins Cup

: This week's event preview highlights a partnership between Zwift and the PTO.

Watts Up in Watopia: Guest Worlds, ST Rides, and More

: We're plunging headfirst into a deeper look at events and worlds that you should be on the lookout for on Zwift.

Zwift Racing 201

: Moving up the ranks? Now it's time to really think through your approach.

StagesBike SB20: Early Impressions

: I've ridden the dickens out of the Wahoo KICKR Bike and the Tacx NEO Bike, both of which I love. Here's the StagesBike SB20.

Breaking Down Zwift Running League

: The team behind the cycling and duathlon leagues brings you the first team run racing series.

Zwift Racing League Season 3 Underway

: The 10 week league is underway, the last one before an extended summer break.

Watts Up in Watopia: Arena Games, ZRL Season 3, and Return to Menu

: Crit City will be the home of some blazing fast racing this weekend.

A New Era in Training: TrainerRoad Adaptive Training

: TrainerRoad’s recent announcement of the Adaptive Training feature could mark a definitive moment in the historical progression of training for the masses.

Zwift’s First Multisport All-Comers Race Debuts Wednesday

: It’s the Zwift Duathlon League Season 1 Race 1 on Wednesday, and as of now 1,416 Zwifters are signed up.

Elite Direto XR

: Elite is the least well known in North America among the Fab Four smart trainer makers. It deserves to be better known.

Zwift Duathlon Racing is Here

: For those fortunate enough to have both a cycling and running Zwift set-up, multisport racing will commence Wednesday, February 17th.

What is Zwift Steering Like?

: There are now two really good ways to steer in Zwift: Elite STERZO Smart and the Wahoo KICKR Bike. Here's what it looks like.

New Features Charge My Zwift Run Sessions

: Repack Ridge and Pace Partners are my recent discoveries in Zwift Run.

Finally, a $2,000 Treadmill That Checks the Boxes

: Is there a sub-$2,000 treadmill that isn't the running version of a manual typewriter? Yes.

Watching Z Pro Tri Series: The Low-Down

: Do you keep forgetting when and where to spectate this highly entertaining series? Me too. So here's the low down.

Finding Consistency with SUF

: Sufferfest is re-branding as SUF. But it's still here to help make you a better athlete, day in and day out.

Where Does Sufferfest Stand Now?

: Now that we’re in the midst of a renaissance of indoor training it’s easy to forget what the dark ages were.

Zwift Racing 101: Quick Start Guide

: In a year with no in-person races, Zwift racing has exploded in popularity. Join in.

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