Delightful Masochism Playing on a Screen Near You

: It's my latest workout. See it (and ride it) on Tuesday.

This Virtual Week: Slowman Writes His First Zwift Workout

: This Virtual Week are weekly prompts on the virtual community events Slowtwitchers engage in over that week.

A Quick Peek at Road Grand Tours

: Multiplayer platforms are the hot ticket in stationary cycling. Here's one you'll want to know about.

Garmin Buys Tacx

: Both companies had a need. But both companies had a similar problem. Wahoo is the presence in the background of this acquisition.

On Zwift Every Day is Race Day

: Did you know there's ZADA? Like WADA? And actual prizes for Zwift races? Results and rankings? Categories?

Rouvy! (You'll Like the Movie)

: We're running out rhymes for Rouvy. (Anybody wanna peanut?) But this 3rd installment tells you more about a hot new stationary platform.

Chuck Wurster Changed the World for You and Me

: Almost certainly the way you train on a stationary bike was heavily influenced by this man.

Trainerroad: The Birth of Structured Training

: Zwift is the apex of stationary entertainment. But structured training is still the need, and TR brought it to the masses.

Slowtwitchers Prefer Direct Drive Trainers

: They're moving in large numbers from one trainer style to another, though few state they're in the trainer market.

Goodbye Rouvy Tuesday

: In Part-2 of our series on Rouvy, we explore virtual rides, a prime feature of this stationary platform.

ERG Mode in Zwift

: Do you find it hard to hang in Slowzwift Structured Training Events? Here's a secret.

Trainerroad, One Year In

: Last year I interviewed Sika Henry, who I pretty much forced to use TR for 6 weeks. Here's my 1-year checkup. (Isn't that a truer test?)

Gettin' Groovy with Rouvy - Part 1: Getting Started

: Stationary is the hottest segment in non-motorized cycling. Rouvy is yet another stationary brand you should know about.

Zwift: A Potent Tool for Training

: Virtual racing is Blah, Blah, Blah for many of you. You’re just interested in Zwift’s workout mode. So let’s get to it.

Trainerroad's Workout Calendar

: It's for triathletes and cyclists who want a powerful workout organizer, but not the ardency required of the Training Peaks user.

Zwift: Let's Dance!

: What about the social aspect of riding a bike? Zwift is or can be (among other things) a Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

CycleOps H2, Fifteen Rides In

: After dozens of hours on both CycleOps Hammer and H2, here's my long term review, with an emphasis on the new H2.

It's Game On With Zwift

: Zwift is a game. Or a training tool. It's also a virtual community, like Westworld, except there's real people behind every avatar.

Zwift: The Deeper Dive

: Zwift is not hard to join; not hard to commence; but it’ll take you a good while to plumb its depths. Let's plumb its (shallow) depths.

Zwift: Welcome to Watopia

: Let’s get Zwift installed and configured using virtual power, so you can ride in the Zwift virtual world easily and without big expense.

Feelin' Rouvy

: Rouvy is about to join Zwift and others by offering a multi-rider experience

Revised, Expanded Zwift Rides

: We changing one of our Slowtwitch Zwift rides and adding a third.

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