The Cervelo P5X of Trevor Wurtele

About a year ago Trevor Wurtele raced the Cervelo P5X in Kona shortly after it came out. He has since lowered his position on that bike and we took a closer look at it.

His P5X is set up with ENVE 7.8 Tubeless wheels with Schwalbe Pro One 25mm tubeless tires. He uses Power Tap P1 Pedals, and Rotor Flow cranks with Rotor QXL 54/41 front rings. He also has CeramicSpeed bottom bracket and pulley wheels, a COBB SHC saddle plus a rear facing XLAB Torpedo bottle between his arms.

Wurtele however constantly refines and alters his setup based on the course he races and also based on what he learns.

His Cervelo P5X looks clean and ready for action.

Wurtele zip tied the XLab Gorilla cage behind the Cobb SHC saddle to get it in the position he desired. The XLab BTA bottle is mounted backwards to allow space for a computer mount,

"One 4mm bolt easily adjusts the height of the entire aero bar. You can also flip the base bar down if you'd rather. It folds in half for travel, while the 'stem' pops out like a seat post," said Wurtele.

Wurtele waxes the chain himself. This way he can also get it done when he needs it. As we mentioned earlier, he rides Power Tap P1 Pedals and Rotor Flow cranks and Rotor QXL 54/41 rings.

The pulley system is a standard CeramicSpeed one. Wurtele likes the OSPS one, but it is a tight fit on his bike with the 28 big cog he likes to have.

The disc brakes are cable actuated but Wurtele is hopeful to soon have fully hydraulic ones in his hands.

The storage space is used well and fully appreciated by the owner.

25mm Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless tires on ENVE 7.8 disc brake rims. During training sessions Wurtele mount a bottle cage on top of the speed case, and in cold races such as Challenge Iceland he carries a spare vest inside that case.

There is a second level in that bento box - a basement of sorts. But Wurtele does not use that space and thus it is covered.

According to Wurtele a First Endurance Liquid Shot flask fits in perfectly into that bento box.

This was Trevor Wurtele in action in Kona in 2016.

And here is Trevor Wurtele as he is positioned on his Cervelo P5X now.