ROKA Guppy Challenge: Week 7

: There were 17 Critique-my-fit threads on our forum in 2016. How come so few Critique-my-swim requests?

ROKA Guppy Challenge: Week 6

: No more thought experiments. Now it's just practicing the drills and themes that we learned during the first half of this challenge.

Guppy Challenge: Week 5

: Are you able to perform one-arm pulls as described? If so, you are swimming hip-driven freestyle! Now let's begin to focus on how you pull.

Guppy Challenge: Week 4

: You retain the vestigial behaviors from the time you were still struggling with learning to breathe to the side. Let's deal with those.

Guppy Challenge: Week 3

: When you have a hard time doing these drills you should rejoice! They expose problems, and we can't cure what we can't identify.

Guppy Challenge: Week 2

: Improving your hull is an exercise in 2 planes: feet on the surface (vertical plane); and feet moving forward, not side to side (horizontal plane).

Group Swim Etiquette

: Masters teams are where you get faster. Here is a guide to Masters culture and behavior for the triathlete.

Guppy Challenge: Week 1

: It's week-1 of the Guppy Challenge. Goal? Exit the swim with a faster class of athletes.

Guppy Challenge for 2017/8

: Our most popular swim-faster regimen begins on December 11, and will last 10 weeks. Lots of swimmers fix what ails them here!

Group Ride Etiquette

: New triathletes are ebullient, confident immigrants to new modes of endurance sport, dropping into activities like cycling with big engines but little appreciation for etiquette.

Beginners: Week 21

: This is your final week. Your race is upcoming, you're in the "taper" and the training is mostly done. Let's talk a little bit about where you go from here, shall we?

Beginners: Week 20

: The hard part is the training, and you've done that. The easy part is sometimes the part athletes forget to do: Where is the race? How do you get there? Is your equipment in good working order?

Beginners: Week 19

: Performance increases are not straight-line, rather, they're like the stock market: lots of ups, a fair share of downs, but up over the long haul Well, maybe that's a bad analogy considering the ...

Beginners: Week 18

: You're nearing the end. You're probably ready to race now. So, it's mostly a case of hitting your taper, not getting injured, improving here and there, and staying enthused.

Beginners: Week 17

: Your long swim week under your best (you did do this, didn't you?), how 'bout let's try switching to another event, and we'll try to make some progress on the bike?

Beginners: Week 16

: Swimming is a big fat hassle, until you're good in the pool, and then swimming is the easiest leg of the triathlon, and when I say easy, I mean by far it's the easiest.

Beginners: Week 15

: Every now and then you'll have an easier week, and some will be harder. Like this week. You are a bona-fide athlete now, and I'll be treating you like one.

Beginners: Week 14

: We're going to start varying effort levels, week to week. But first, let's talk about wetsuits. At some point you'll want to consider investing in one.

Beginners: Week 13

: Have you thought about what you're going to wear in your first triathlon? No, I don't mean whether the colors match. Rather, do you have one garment to swim, bike and run in?

Beginners: Week 12

: What about nutrition during training? Gels, bars, gummies, things like that? Yes, it's time you started to think about these sorts of things.

Beginners: Week 11

: You're more than halfway to the goal. You could certainly do a triathlon right now. In fact, you'd probably be fitter right now than plenty of people who're going to be doing the race with you. Isn't ...

Beginners: Week 10

: What is the most important muscle in your body? Of course you know the answer to this. It's your heart. That thing is just one big muscle, and when you think about it, it's pretty miraculous.

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