The Well-Built Triathlete

: The Well-Built Triathlete: Turning Potential into Performance by Matt Dixon. A book review by Doug Morris

Today's Plan

: A web-based training software platform from Australia is giving Training Peaks a run for its money. It leans toward cyclists, but has triathletes' attention.

The Self-Coached Athlete’s Toolbox

: Lowes motto is "Let's build something together." The Slowtwitch DIY training expert, Gloria Liu, is back with how to be your own coach. With Gloria's tips, let's build some fitness together.

Plan Your Own Training Camp

: For the The DIY Triathlete, here's how to plan your own training camp. Here's a guide on how to mimic the best among the coach-coordinated training camps for age groupers.

The High Cost of Good Form

: Your bad technique may be well suited to your slow speed. But it's only going to get you so far, so fast. If you want to make that quantum leap in performance, you'll have to make the appropriate ...


: Nope, this isn't about freezing your body, so you can win your age group in the 23rd century. It's about a therapy that's been around since the 17th century (but so was bloodletting).

Another day with Jan Frodeno

: In early May we hung out a day with Jan Frodeno in Germany and shared a picture gallery of that outing. Jan though spends quite a bit of time in Stellenbosch, South Africa and here is a video day ...

Junk miles

: There are no junk miles. Only junk theories. And one junk theory is the notion of junk miles. If you have unwanted miles you're preparing for the junk heap, just haul them over to my house, I'll ...

First weeks of an IM campaign

: These are the first 2 weeks of an 8-week Ironman campaign, the goal of these weeks being the fitness required to step up to subsequent weeks' longer workloads.

More Ironman campaign

: The heart of this 8-week Ironman campaign, weeks 3 thru 5, is not designed to get you ready for the race, rather for the ultimate "indicator" workouts prior to the taper.

An Ironman campaign

: The problem with writing a training plan is the fear that somebody might follow it. That's the case here, with the program we're going to present. It's a custom program built and followed by a ...

Planning in reverse

: It's intuitive to plan your workouts chronologically, but if your campaign points toward an important race, better to start at the race and schedule your workouts in reverse

Speedwork: Is it time yet?

: Speedwork may be the most damaging, advantageous, dangerous, helpful and destructive activity you do in the sport of triathlon. It can be exhilarating and impactful. Just like base jumping and day ...

Consistency killers

: The distance between the average and the good, and the good and the great, is often measured by the adherence to routine. Consistency makes the champion; nothing bedevils the the AGer more than ...

Can Yoga Help My Race?

: Yoga is elbowing its way into triathlon. Is it a core strength routine? Is it a flexibility routine? Is it an exercise in mind over body? Does it replace or complement strength and stretching?

Duathlon Nationals Challenge

: Du Nats is on April 26, in Richmond, VA, to qualify a team for Du Worlds down the road in North Carolina, this Sept. In honor of this (roughly) twice a decade occasion, here's the Du Nats Challenge, ...'s training log goes live

: After a long period of beta testing, kicking tires, taking pulses, and consulting entrails, we are proud to announce the newest addition to the Slowtwitch family, our workout training log at training. ...