Prepping for Open-Water Season

: It's time to start thinking about the transition from pool fitness to outdoor speed.

Debunking More Triathlon Hacks: Carbon Shoes and Heart Rate Variability

: We're back to look at more trends in triathlon and figuring out if there's something to them, or if you should ignore them.

Evaluating Triathlon "Hacks"

: Are there nuggets of wisdom here? Or are they deserving of scorn?

The Best Way to Train? It Depends.

: As triathletes, we’re all kind of our own little science experiments, learning much of what we collectively know through iterative approaches.

Sufferfest Relaunches as SYSTM

: Wahoo released its rebranded and redeveloped Sufferfest app as SYSTM. The release adds much more structured workout content alongside their enhanced training plan tools.

Slowtwitch Aerobic Points

: This simple, perhaps simplistic, way of measuring training volume has stood the test of time.

SUF: 4DP and Training Plans

: Another article in our series on SUF, this covers how the 4DP system and training plans work in SUF.

Consensus, Professionalism, and Our Duty to Ourselves

: It is a single axiom that in holds up well not just for my work life, but for my life.

INSCYD My Numbers: The INSCYD Testing Protocol

: I put myself through INSCYD's testing protocol and came away with some surprising conclusions.

Press Release: Zwift Takes Things Off Road

: Zwift is now offering new dedicated MTB and gravel training plans as well as in-game equipment to better cater to off-road cyclists.

Zwift Meetups: So Happy Together!

: We touched briefly on Meetups in our introduction to the Zwift Companion app a couple of weeks ago. We promised we would talk about this feature a bit more in the near future, so let’s dive in!

Real Resolve

: Tons of people make New Year's resolutions - you know the type of people that I'm talking about, it's usually the same person in your office who asks you, "What's the secret to staying in shape?" ...

Training Partners: Underrated

: The power of the training enclave is huge; it's how most of the world's best athletes got to be good, and remain good.

Genetics is Overrated

: Genetics wins when you’re 11. But the older you get the more genetics falls to the point of being an inconsequential factor.

How Important is a Sports Background?

: It's not just about learning good technique. A lot of late-onset triathletes quit because they never understand the Big Idea.

How Important Is Where You Train?

: I have less confidence in today’s installment than any I’ve already written, or any that I’m going to write. But I rank this rather high.

Technical Grasp of Sport

: There are more important elements to success than this one, but a mediocre understanding of sport usually begets mediocre finishes.

In a winter training camp with Andi Böcherer

: German Pro Andi Böcherer spent two weeks in a winter training camp on Fuerteventura and here are impressions and details from those two weeks.

The Cost of Sport

: The second installment of my Most Important Elements series. I don’t think I realized how broke I was. I had a lot of fun.

How Important is Your Choice of Training Philosophy?

: Last week 1,400 of you chose among 8 elements which determined ultimate athletic success. Here are your choices, and by contrast mine.


: What you demand is orthodoxy, whether you realize it or not. Except from your coach and fitter. Time to demand it here, too.

Low-Sodium Diets: Rethinking the Science

: What leads to higher blood pressure? Too much sodium? Or an imbalance between electrolytes? Here's science's latest.

Training.Slowtwitch.Com: A Primer

: The developer of the new - Eric Jensen - shares his story and gives insights into the past, present, and future of our new training log.

Solar Radiation on Performance

: Solar radiation contributes to heat stress and increases exercise fatigue. What works? Arm coolers. Sunscreen protects from skin cancer, but doesn't help performance.

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