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The moxie of Kellen Hood
Kellen Hood is a Texas resident with a lot of moxie and during Movember he used it well to raise money, but now it is time to race, train and have a great time. 4.27.15
No crying over spilt milk in Texas
When Richie Cunningham and several other pros were misdirected on the run course at Ironman 70.3 Texas, they all faced DQs and abandoned the race. 4.27.15
Sanders, Frederiksen win Texas
Canadian Lionel Sanders ran away from Andy Potts and Helle Frederiksen dominated the women's field to win the menís and womenís titles at Ironman 70.3 Texas in Galveston. 4.26.15
The Weekend Box Apr 26 2015
Regard triathlon action of many varieties - draft-legal and non-drafting, pavement and off road, individual and teams - in Taiwan, Fuerteventura, South Carolina, Nevada and Florida. 4.26.15
Alistair Brownlee rules Cape Town
After a six month hiatus from racing, Alistair Brownlee showed no weakness as he outran Javier Gomez to win the fourth round of WTS series in Cape Town. 4.26.15
Vicky Holland tops Cape Town
Vicky Holland of Great Britain surged to her first WTS win in Cape Town, South Africa, runner-up Katie Zaferes of the USA took her 4th straight podium. 4.25.15
Pro triathletes and their cars
We have done a few galleries of pros with their dogs over the last few years and decided to have a look at the cars or trucks professional triathletes drive. 4.24.15
Decision time for Colin Laughery
Colin Laughery earned a pro card with his 4:06 effort at 70.3 New Orleans and now has to make a few decisions. But family matters most for this Speedo wearing age grouper. 4.23.15
A phoenix rising from the ashes
The German Power Horse Team started to fall apart when main sponsor Power Horse pulled out, but the team is now running as Team Sport For Good. 4.21.15
The man simply known as Petter
Petter Alexis Askergren is a Swedish rap performer who is very passionate about SwimRun events including the tough ÷ till ÷. We talked to the man known by most as Petter. 4.20.15
Duffy, Currie prevail in Asia-Pacific XTERRA mudfest
Flora Duffy and Braden Currie finished smiling if mud-caked in the Asia-Pacific XTERRA championship event. 4.19.15
2015 Jakes race day
The 20th Jakes Off Road Triathlon offered sunny skies, a duel between David Bromfield and Bobby Barnes, and a an Ultimate Frisbee pro women's winner. 4.19.15
Potts, Piampiano win NOLA 70.3
Andy Potts fought off a determined challenge by Matt Chrabot and Sarah Piampiano unleashed a come-from-behind women's best 1:26:21 run to win New Orleans 70.3 4.19.15
Molinari, Cave win in Cannes
Giulio Molinari surprised Jan Frodeno and Sebastian Kienle with a big win at the Cannes International Triathlon. Leanda Cave grabbed the women's title on the French Riviera. 4.19.15
A Jamaican duel for the ages
Some people say that Jakes Off Road Triathlon isn't about winning and losing - it's about the vibe. Don't tell that to 31-year-old David Bromfield and 49-year-old Bobby Barnes. 4.18.15
2015 Sea Otter Classic day 3
The Sea Otter Classic goes on until Sunday but we end our daily coverage today. Competitions, bikes, gear and gadgets is what we noticed today. 4.18.15
The roots of Jakes Triathlon
Jakes Off Road Triathlon began 20 years ago and race director Jim Curl had been at the helm of the Jamaican one-of-a-kind triathlon for the last 15 years. 4.17.15
The prerace scene at Jakes
Want an intimate triathlon with a laid back vibe in a Caribbean paradise? Jakes Off Road Triathlon in Treasure Beach Jamaica. Photo Gallery by Timothy Carlson 4.17.15
2015 Sea Otter Classic day 2
Another beautiful day in Northern California brought lots of passionate cyclists to the Sea Otter Classic and here is what we noticed in and around the expo. 4.17.15
2015 Sea Otter Classic day 1
Another Sea Otter Classic has arrived and this is now the 25th edition. Thursday is usually the calm before the storm and the weather played along nicely. 4.16.15

Stayin' Alive - Urban
Here's our guide on to stay alive cycling while sharing the road with motorists armed with a cell phone in one hand, a Double-Double-with-Cheese in the other, steering with their knees. 4.25.15
Speed Wobble
I expected almost no incidences of speed wobble since the onset of today's monocoque carbon frames. Instead 3 in 10 of you have had speed wobble occur with these bikes. 4.24.15
A Show of Hands?
Where can you place your hands when riding, and have the bike handle to your liking? Good question, and it's surprising how hard a question this is to answer. 4.22.15
Why I Tri
A discussion last week with Tim DeBoom, and a post on our reader forum, convinced me to attempt what I've always been miserable at explaining: my interest in multisport. 4.21.15
The Fight for a Fuller Discussion
Outside Online published a guest editorial by Triathlete Magazine editor Julia Polloreno on The Fight for Gender Equality. There are just one or two things missing from the debate. 4.21.15
Got money to burn? Earthing wants you
When is a pillowcase sham a sham sham? When it's a "grounding" or "earthing" sham. 4.20.15
Catharine Pendrel's Orbea Alma
Canadian Catharine Pendrel is the current MTB world champion and won the Sea Otter Classic XC event aboard this Shimano equipped Team Luna Orbea Alma. 4.20.15
The Scott Scale of Nino Schurter
At the Sea Otter Classic Nino Schurter won the short track race on Friday and the cross country event on Sunday and we looked closer at his Scott Scale race bike. 4.18.15
Recon Jet in the Flesh
It's finally here. Pre-orders of the Recon Jet are being filled. This has been one of the most anticipated releases of a sports microelectronic in recent years. How well does it work? 4.17.15
Gwen on the Bike
America's brightest triathlon star is a fish in the water and a deer on the run. But on the bike? Not so much. Is that changing? Maybe so. 4.17.15
German power2max drops prices
A strong US dollar allowed German brand power2max to lower their pricing and thus bring more power to the people, with the popular Type S now as low a $899. 4.16.15
Is SRAM tri-ready?
How relevant is SRAM in triathlon in 2015? Shimano has made it tough, but the scrappy Chicago company still has a lot of game for multisporters. 4.16.15
A Shimano Di2 Scott Plasma 5
Every Scott Plasma 5 we featured was equipped with SRAM Red components. Folks have asked about a Di2 version, and now Andres Douzoglou of Beyond Aero delivered. 4.16.15
Womens Access
It should be obvious to anyone that access begets prosperity. The success of the U.S. women in Olympic-style triathlon is a story about access. Let's talk about how this impacts Ironman. 4.14.15
Shimano for 2015
Shimano's groupkits for use in triathlon are overviewed here. Mostly, your choice for tri is Shimano versus SRAM or Shimano versus another Shimano group. Here's how we parse it. 4.13.15
Wildflower: A Camping Primer
Camping at Wildflower can either be a grind or a pleasure, depending on whether you planned and prepared wisely. Here are my tips. 4.10.15