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A 2016 USA TT champs gallery
Taylor Phinney and Carmen Small are the 2016 USA Cycling professional TT champions and here are images from the event near Winston-Salem, NC. 5.27.16
Zaferes talks about Rio selection
The third slot on the 2016 U.S. women’s Olympic triathlon team was awarded to the obvious choice - Katie Zaferes. She talked to us about the process. 5.26.16
Luis Alvarez suffers retinal damage after summiting Everest
Luis Alvarez, who has finished more than 120 Ironman events, summited Mt. Everest this weekend but suffered retinal damage and had to be helped on the descent. 5.24.16
Dave Mirra Had CTE
Legendary BMX racer turned top AG triathlete Dave Mirra suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy according to numerous news reports. 5.24.16
ST Road Show – The Woodlands
The home of Ironman Texas is also a hotbed of triathletes, triathlon coaches, bike shops, clubs, topnotch physios and massage experts. Photo Gallery by Lars Finanger. 5.23.16
70.3 Ecuador is on
The 7.8 magnitude earthquake of April 16, leaving more than 600 dead, has not resulted in the cancellation of Ecuador 70.3. The race will take place as scheduled. 5.23.16
How is Rev3 Doing?
With Rev3 Knoxville, the first of six series races, under its belt, how is the un-rebranded, ex-Challenge, Iron alternative, 2016 race series with a heart doing? 5.23.16
Jackson, Kienle take Chattanooga
Heather Jackson dominated the women's field and Sebastian Kienle dueled with Sam Appleton before pulling away on the run to win Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga 5.22.16
Bilham, Nilsson win Barcelona
Emma Bilham of Switzerland out biked Emma Pallant of Great Britain and Patrik Nilsson of Sweden outran Maurice Clavel of Germany to win Ironman 70.3 Barcelona. 5.22.16
Böcherer, Philipp win St. Polten
Andi Böcherer’s race-best bike trumped Ruedi Wild’s race-best run and Laura Philipp took the lead at km 16 of the run to win Ironman 70.3 St. Pölten. 5.22.16
Middaugh, Snyder prevail at XTERRA Oak Mountain Alabama
Josiah Middaugh of Vail, Colorado and Suzie Snyder of Reno, Nevada won the elite titles at XTERRA Oak Mountain in Shelby County, Alabama. 5.21.16
Thomas, Holst tops at Lanzarote
Jesse Thomas unleashed a race-fastest run, upsetting Kona champ Jan Frodeno while Denmark’s Tine Holst won it on the bike at IM Lanzarote. 5.21.16
200 triathletes switch out of North Carolina Ironman events
In response to the controversy over North Carolina House Bill 2, Ironman offered registrants the option of switching to other 2016 Ironman races. 5.20.16
Talking with Zibi Szlufcik
After grand announcements fizzled (North America, Triple Crown) we asked Zibi Szlufcik easy and tough questions about THECHAMPIONSHIP. 5.18.16
Spencer Smith to coach Ghana
Three-time ITU World Champion Spencer Smith has signed on to be coach of the Ghana Triathlon Federation starting this week. 5.17.16
Sofie Goos stabbed while training
Belgian triathlete Sofie Goos was stabbed in the back while on a training run in a park in Antwerp. A suspect in the case was arrested by police. 5.16.16
Slowtwitch Texas Gathering
Slowtwitch pre-race gathering hosted by Ventum at the Ironman North America Championship at The Woodlands, Texas. Photographs by Lars Finanger. 5.16.16
Middaugh, Paterson top Tahiti
Reigning XTERRA World Champion Josiah Middaugh and 2-time XTERRA World Champion Lesley Paterson win XTERRA Tahiti. 5.15.16
Mario Mola takes Yokohama
Mario Mola of Spain earned his third WTS victory of 2016 and Crisanto Grajales of Mexico and Kristian Blummenfelt of Norway finished 2-3 at Yokohama. 5.14.16
Lange, Gajer win Ironman Texas
Patrick Lange's race-best 2:40:01 marathon ran away from the men's field and Julia Gajer's superior swim trumped Jodie Robertson's better run to win Ironman Texas. 5.14.16

Citizen Ironman? Yes! (No!)
Many of the more than 400 RDs, coaches, retail stores and club officers don't universally aver, as they once did, that Ironman is a net positive in North America. 5.26.16
Zinn's Cycling Primer
Zinn's Cycling Primer: Maintenance Tips & Skill Building for Cyclists is not new, first published in 2004, but it's a classic and here is a newbie's impression. 5.23.16
Polar Updates Devices
The most significant updates have been Strava integration and third-party route imports to Polar Flow for V800 and V650 users. 5.23.16
CycleOps' Direct Drive Trainer
Already the pervasive brand in stationary bike trainers, The Hammer takes dead aim at the growing smart trainer market. 5.23.16
Pioneer Expands Meter Line
Pioneer now offers a single-leg installation kit ($499) for owners of Shimano 11-speed Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and 105 models, in 165mm to 180mm arm lengths. 5.23.16
Giro Aerohead officially launched
Some samples of this new and highly promising aero helmet have been spotted at various big pro events, and more details have been revealed today. 5.19.16
Alaskaman Extreme Tri
The recently announced Alaskaman, scheduled for July 15, 2017 in Seward, AK, joins the growing movement of extreme triathlons - ultra distance races with small fields set in stunning, but extremely challenging, locations. 5.19.16
The Other Woman
Is USA Triathlon honoring their own stated selection procedure? The disparity between the announcement of the male and female spots after the WTS race in Yokohama has many asking this question. 5.19.16
Shop Dogs 2
Riding a wave of popular acclaim, Slowtwitch doubles down with more Shop Dogs. Why these dogs chose the bike biz is God's mystery, but thankfully they did. 5.18.16
It's the Fitter AND the Tool
"I cannot understand why all bike fits aren't more like this." - Comment from a subject after a Complete Bike Solution exercise at a Slowtwitch Road Show. 5.14.16
Matt Hanson QR PR6
Matt Hanson is known for running prowess but he needs his Quintana Roo PR6 to win races like Ironman Texas. Photo Gallery by Lars Finanger. 5.13.16
Meet the Garmin 735XT watch
The new Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS running watch has a wrist based heart rate feature and is multisport versatile, plus it is light and attractive. 5.11.16
The US Pro course in WSNC
At the end of this month the US Pro Road Cycling National Championships will take place in Winston-Salem, NC and here are videos from the course. 5.11.16
Full of Greed?
"IRONMAN is full of greed," wrote an RD to me when I surveyed this group views on triathlon's dominant brand. "I would love for it to disappear." 5.10.16
Shop Dogs
We believe bike and run specialty retailers, as a group, should merchandise their stores with more care. Proper merchandising starts with the shop dog. 5.10.16
Does IM Depress Local Racing?
Two customers to a local RD: “We used to do 6 or 7 [of your local] events a year, but the last few years we focus on IM events. We are lucky to fit 1 or 2 in.” 5.05.16