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Thomas 6-peats Wildflower
Jesse Thomas outran race record holder Terenzo Bozzone to extend his long course domination to 6 straight wins and Liz Lyles defended her title at Wildflower. 4.30.16
IM Texas course revealed
It's not quite 112mi, and it's a turny mother, but if Mike Reilly calls you an Ironman as you stride to the finish, by cracky, you're an Ironman. 4.29.16
Rocklin Endurance Road Show
Small shop, small town, big heart. If you want to know what community and solidarity looks like, travel to this Slowtwitch Road Show when it takes place next year. 4.29.16
Sarah Lyall on Miller Story
Ms. Lyall is the author of the explosive piece on Julie Miller in the New York Times. She answered questions about the story from the perspective of the Times. 4.29.16
Longest Running Triathlons
Since the September 1974 Fiesta Island Triathlon put on by the San Diego Track Club, triathlon has grown exponentially. We salute the longest continuously-run triathlons. 4.28.16
Stanford tops Cape Town women
In her first WTS race of the season, 2016 Great Britain Olympian Non Stanford tops Jodie Stimpson and Flora Duffy for the win at Cape Town. 4.24.16
Alarza prevails at Cape Town
Fernando Alarza ran away from Jonathan Brownlee to take his first WTS victory while Mario Mola’s victory streak was broken with a 4th place at Cape Town. 4.24.16
Haskins, Dye win St. Anthony’s
Sarah Haskins won her 6th women’s crown and Cameron Dye his 3rd men’s title at the 33rd classic non-drafting St. Anthony’s Triathlon. 4.24.16
Clevenger, Meehan win Collegiate National Individual titles
Erica Clevenger and Mike Meehan win the individual titles at the USAT Collegiate Club Nationals; Colorado wins 7th straight team title. 4.23.16
Andi Böcherer and Anja Beranek win Challenge Fuerteventura
Andi Böcherer edged Will Clarke by 26 seconds and Anja Beranek outpaced Emma Bilham by 62 seconds to win Challenge Fuerteventura. 4.23.16
Currie, Orchard win XTERRA
New Zealanders Braden Currie and Lizzy Orchard won the XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship on a windy, cool day in Jervis Bay, Australia. 4.23.16
Slowtwitch Portland Road Show
The Slowtwitch Road Show in Portland, Oregon was co-hosted by Athletes Lounge and featured talks by Eric Lagerstrom and Alan Webb. 4.22.16
Ironman Texas is on!
The 2016 Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas is on. It was Harris County to the rescue, which will host most of the 1-lap, 112-mile route for this North American Championship. 4.22.16
Decision time for IMTX
It's down to the wire for Ironman Texas. The old bike course was nixed, new courses are being considered. An imminent decision is expected. 4.21.16
Challenge's New Championship
The Challenge Family announced today a new championship race in Slovakia, to take place on June 3, 2017. THECHAMPIONSHIP, is a to be a marquis half-distance event. 4.20.16
Major Learning Experience
Sometimes it takes a lot of endurance to produce a super sprint race. The Major League Triathlon's first event was a struggle to produce, but it did transact. 4.18.16
Bakersfield boy makes good
Jason Middleton evolved from a teenage pro triathlete to adventure racer to private jet charter boss who, with his wife, was moved by personal tragedy to create a charity for grieving parents. 4.18.16
Images from East Coast Shows
Here are images from Slowtwitch Road Shows in Connectictut, New Jersey and New York. 4.18.16
Piampiano, Starykowicz win NO
Andrew Starykowicz blitzed the bike leg and Sarah Piampiano handily defended her 2015 title to win Ochsner Ironman 70.3 New Orleans. 4.17.16
Cave, Diemunsch win Cannes
Leanda Cave outswam Alexandra Tondeur and Etienne Diemunsch outran Giulio Molinari to win the middle distance Cannes International Triathlon Sunday on the French Riviera. 4.17.16

Finding your Felt
Felt sits second among tri bike brands when Slowtwitchers are asked what they intend to buy next. How do you decide, precisely, what size and config for your IA? 4.28.16
Flying Shark Video
California triathletes, divers and surfers know that they share the ocean. Two Sunset (Huntington) Beach surfers found that out unwittingly while shooting GoPro video. 4.21.16
Tri Saddle Roundup
Last week it was ISM and fi'zi:k, this week it's the rest: Cobb, Dash, Prologo, Bontrager, Specialized, Fabric, PRO. Who rides these saddles, how, and why? 4.20.16
Proper use of ISM and fi'zi:k
Twenty percent of 642 Slowtwitchers polled say they don't ride a noseless saddle, meaning 80 percent do. Should noseless have this much market share? 4.14.16
Mungo Park
Extreme tales of true adventure, surviving unfathomable hardship, written with keen insight, by those up to the challenge, begin with Mungo Park. 4.13.16
Swim Speed Secrets
Sheila Taormina writes, "Nine-five percent of the swimmers and triathletes I know are showing up to practice and working on diminishing returns." In her book is her remedy. 4.12.16
Shimano, VeloNews, BRAIN and embargoes
VeloNews broke a story Shimano didn't want broken. VeloNews claims Shimano threatened to pull its ads, and it published anyway. BRAIN opined in VeloNews' favor. But there's a little more to consider. 4.08.16
Heirarchy of Bad Acts
The Canadian age group star whose performances unraveled amid a forensic analysis of her races was the subject today of a long form article in the NY Times. 4.08.16
The making of a Pain Cave
Our former editor-in-chief used his imagination and spare time to create a unique pain cave in his new home in Winston-Salem, NC. 4.05.16
The Well-Built Triathlete
The Well-Built Triathlete: Turning Potential into Performance by Matt Dixon. A book review by Doug Morris 4.04.16
Hoka: Official Ironman Shoe
Being the official Ironman shoe did nothing for K Swiss. Will this designation be for Hoka One One what it wasn't for K-Swiss and Newton? 4.02.16
For want of a saddle
It's the annual saddle placement rant. You bought a new saddle. Great! But have you accounted for how you sit this saddle? Has it changed your position? 3.31.16
Soup Nazi Solution: TriRig
Rider needs a long and low geometry. It was the Soup Nazi answer for this guy: No bike for you! Then I remembered the TriRig Alpha series bars, and its online calculator. 3.28.16
Tri-Rig Rigs
Triathletes are a fickle bunch. The mood now is swinging toward the custom build of a bare frame. TriRig's bars and brakes are a favorite, and here are some examples. 3.28.16
Self-Inflicted Wounds 2
I've miscalculated and chosen unwisely so many times, sabotaged my race in so many ways, I need a series of articles to chronicle all my self-inflicted wounds. 3.25.16
The Transaction
"Hello, you don't know me, I have a product I think you should consider selling. It's a wetsuit." Pause. "You have the wrong number. We're a bike shop." 3.24.16