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The lessons of Lionel Sanders
Talented Canadian Lionel Sanders has learned valuable lessons during a string of impressive performances this year and we had a chat with the man in green. 6.29.15
Potts, Jackson win Coeur d’Alene
Andy Potts and Heather Jackson used dominating bike and run splits to break away from their rivals on a sizzling hot day out west at Ironman Coeur d’Alene. 6.28.15
Vanhoenacker, Wutti rule Austria
Marino Vanhoenacker won his 7th Ironman Austria with a course record bike split and a large margin of victory while Eva Wutti gave an equally dominating performance to prevail at Klagenfurt. 6.28.15
The Weekend Box Jun 28 2015
The Weekend Box presents triathlon action from an Ironman in France, an XTERRA in Switzerland, a 70.3 in Texas, and a duathlon in Philly. 6.28.15
Viennot, Ellis golden in Sweden
Cyril Viennot ran down Martin Jensen to take the 2015 ITU Long Distance World Championships. Mary Beth Ellis dominated the women's race in Sweden. 6.27.15
We Noticed: Garmin, Kollar...
This week we noticed tiny GPS head units from Garmin, tubular tire tape, delicious chocolate, a very lite lock, and a trick gadget for riding a bike in a skirt. 6.25.15
Always Finding Your Way Out
What is it like to be a gay man living, traveling, training, racing, at the leading edge of triathlon? Here's Brandon Del Campo's story, in his own words. 6.24.15
Challenge Heilbronn race pics
The 2015 Challenge Heilbronn is now behind us and here is a great selection of images from this loaded half-distance triathlon in Germany. 6.22.15
A moto ride to a disqualification
After the Ironman Latin American Championships in Brazil, folks noticed a picture of a competitor on the back of a motorbike. This competitor had finished third in her age group. 6.22.15
Böcherer, Philipp win in Heilbronn
Andi Böcherer continued his hot streak with a win at the 2015 Challenge Heilbronn, and Laura Philipp ran down Anja Beranek to take the women's title. 6.21.15
Sanders, Kessler win Tremblant
Lionel Sanders led a 1-2 Canadian sweep of the men's podium and Meredith Kessler ran away from Holly Lawrence at Ironman 70.3 Mt. Tremblant. 6.21.15
Kueng, Gajer top Luxembourg
Manuel Kueng of Switzerland edged out Bas Diederen of Netherlands by 1:28 and Julia Gajer of Germany led the women wire-to-wire to win Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg. 6.20.15
Challenge Heilbronn check in
The field at the 2015 Challenge Heilbronn is loaded and here are some impressions of the bikes, athletes and happenings during the bike check-in. 6.20.15
Kris Coddens and Helena Erbenova win XTERRA Greece
Kris Coddens of Belgium edged out Roger Serrano of Spain by 35 seconds and Helena Erbenova of the Czech Republic topped Brigitta Poor of Hungary at XTERRA Greece 6.20.15
Eric Lagerstrom's Victory Lap
Eric Lagerstrom returned to Portland, OR on an emotional high after his very fine Escape from Alcatraz win, and he shared his feelings in this new video. 6.19.15
Kennett Peterson is on a mission
Pro domestic cyclist Kennett Peterson recently raced in his second triathlon and finished 9th. We talked to him about that transition, doping, careless drivers and more. 6.19.15
Steel City man Chad Holderbaum
Chad Holderbaum races with a pro license but manages a full time job and family too. Last year in Chattanooga he finished 7th and that was a positive step for him. 6.17.15
2015 Challenge Denmark images
This past weekend Challenge Denmark offered both a long course and a half distance event, and we now have an image gallery from this sold out inaugural event. 6.15.15
Andreas Dreitz is on the throttle
German Andreas Dreitz is the new fast riding man from Germany and this year he grabbed the 70.3 Mallorca and 70.3 Raleigh titles, but you can expect much more from him. 6.15.15
2015 Ironman 70.3 Boulder
Boulder, training home to dozens of the world’s best triathletes, hosts an Ironman 70.3 race every year that draws a stellar pro field. Photo gallery by Timothy Carlson. 6.15.15

Magali Tisseyre's Argon 18 E-118
We have an up close look at the Shimano annd Pioneer equipped Argon 18 E-118 of Magali Tisseyre as she unpacked her bike after returning from a race. 6.29.15
Scott Sports launches new Foil
Scott Sports has a new Foil and it is lighter, more aerodynamic, stiffer and comfortable and we had a chance to look at it closer in Salzburg, Austria. 6.26.15
 Aero is Everything
Specialized, the master at selling its products inside a story and a process, beats on its competitors with its wind tunnel narrative. This launch of its new Venge and associated P&A is a case study. 6.23.15
Giulio Molinari's Frugeri Noara TT
Italian pro triathlete Giulio Molinari won the Cannes International Triathlon ahead of Jan Frodeno and Sebastian Kienle aboard a Vision equipped Frugeri Noara TT bike. 6.23.15
Plasma 5 One Year In
It might be the World’s best poorly-selling bike. The Plasma 5 is a triumph of product, and a failure of process. Can Scott rev up its terrific Plasma? 6.22.15
We Noticed: Tim Reed Scody Cycling Kit Benefitting AIME
Australian pro Tim Reed has partnered with Scody to create a limited edition cycling kit with all proceeds benefitting the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience charity, which provides education opportunities for indigenous Australians. 6.19.15
Polar 450
Last week Polar revealed the little brother to their V650 cycling computer, the M450. $169. 6.17.15
Intel acquires Recon Instruments
Recon Instruments, makers of the popular sports glass with the industry leading heads-up display and associated features, was acquired by Intel Corporation. 6.17.15
First look at Kuai Headphones
It's a new product. So new, it's not for sale yet. Except via a Kickstarter campaign. 6.17.15
Eric Lagerstrom's Alcatraz bike
Eric Lagerstrom won the prestigious Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon on a Cervelo P3 that he has as a loaner from the Athlete's Lounge in Portland, OR. 6.16.15
Cannondale Slice
Who should buy this Slice? We cut a Slice of history out of Cannondale's long tenure as a tri bike maker, en route to answering that question 6.15.15
The unique Sam Gydé Dimond
Belgian hard riding triathlete Sam Gydé is now on a Dimond and he did some modifications to his frame so it can accept an internal water bladder. 6.13.15
The Wild Pickle Chew!
Nutritional companies fall over each other making products that all perform a similar function. Meanwhile, there is a necessary function for which there is not yet any product. 6.13.15
Tales of Open Mold Purchases
Slowtwitchers banded together to group-buy the HongFu TM6 AVENGER tri bike. How did it go? Here are comments from purchasers. 6.12.15
 Racer videos his own crash
Last week our publisher wrote about his first XTERRA in Laguna Beach. Turns out it was a memorable experience for another racer, who video'd his own crash and airlift experience 6.10.15
The Goodness I'm Surrounded By
Two things happened during my week that don't attach to each other; puzzle pieces entirely unlike except for a keyway they share on one edge. 6.04.15