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The passionate Kirk Noyes
Kirk Noyes is heavily involved with his family, the Texas triathlon scene and various other hobbies and interests when he is not on the road traveling for his job. 5.27.15
70.3 Worlds to be a 2 day affair
In 2017 the Ironman 70.3 World Championships will return to the USA and will be held over two days, with men and women racing on separate days. 5.26.15
Andre Cilliers and Patricia Walsh win USA Paratriathlon Nationals
Andre Cilliers of Washington, D.C. and Patricia Walsh of Austin, Texas won the USA Paratriathlon overall titles at Life Time Cap Tex Tri in Austin, Texas 5.25.15
Ospaly, Lehtonen win Rimini
Filip Ospaly ran down home country favorite Giulio Molinari and Kaisa Lehtonen used a dominating bike split to overcome a mediocre swim to win Challenge Rimini 5.24.15
Degasperi, Riesler win Lanzarote
Alessandro Degasperi of Italy edged Christian Kramer of Germany by 2:41 and Diana Riesler of Germany beat Michi Herlbauer of Austria by 17:46 to win Ironman Lanzarote. 5.23.15
Soaring high with a broken wing
Brian August of Team Every Man Jack crashed hard during Ironman Texas and broke his elbow. He finished the bike and run, placed and will now go to Kona. 5.21.15
Faris Al-Sultan walks away
German Faris Al-Sultan had planned to race Kona again this year, but plagued by injuries and disappointments the 2005 Ironman World Champion decided to stop. 5.19.15
Faris Al-Sultan through the years
Now that Faris Al-Sultan has decided to call it a day, we gathered images of the hard riding and always humble Iraqi-German from the last 10 years. 5.19.15
Triathlon canceled after cyclist murdered
After a cyclist planning to spectate at a local triathlon was shot and killed while riding Monday in Windsor, Colorado, race officials canceled their event for security concerns and the FBI will investigate. 5.19.15
Challenge Oman is cancelled
Because of political circumstances in nearby Yemen the scheduled Challenge Oman is now gone, and organizers are scrambling to find a new venue for this Triple Crown series. 5.18.15
The Weekend Box May 17 2015
In addition to featured races in Japan, Texas and Tennessee already covered, The Weekend Box offers triathlon action in Austria, Spain, Alabama and Maryland. 5.17.15
Clifford, Potts win Chattanooga
Ashley Clifford outran fellow U.S. competitor Jackie Hering by 78 seconds; Andy Potts of the U.S. outran Leon Griffin of Australia to win Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga 5.17.15
2015 Ironman Texas images
Matt Hanson and Angela Naeth were the victors at the 2015 Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas, but there were many more actors at this North American Championship. 5.16.15
Hanson, Naeth rule Texas
Matt Hanson ran 2:45 and had a solid day in the other disciplines too and captured a big win at Ironman Texas. Angela Naeth was a tenacious huntress on the way to the women's title. 5.16.15
On the trail with Shannon Coates
Shannon Coates is on the Timex Team and she now can add smart detective to her resume. Meet the Florida native who now resides in Portland. 5.15.15
Jorgensen wins 9th in a row
Gwen Jorgensen found a first rate swim and bike then turned on the jets to win her 9th WTS event in a row with a big margin on Aussies Ashleigh Gentle and Emma Moffatt. 5.15.15
Gomez outduels Alistair Brownlee
In one of the great last lap duels in ITU history, 4-time ITU World Champion Javier Gomez won a back and forth confrontation with 2012 Olympic Champion Alistair Brownlee at WTS Yokohama 5.15.15
Derek Garcia 3 years after cancer
Derek Garcia got a pro triathlon card in 2012 and learned that summer that he had testicular cancer. All signs point in the right direction now and he is racing strong now. 5.14.15
No More Kona Lottery
Ironman's Lottery program, around in some form since 1983, is no more. The U.S. Attorney interpreted this program as a violation of Lottery and Gaming laws, Ironman is voluntarily shutting it down. 5.13.15
Lauren Goss St. Croix champion
Lauren Goss won her 9th victory as a pro at the classic Ironman 70.3 St. Croix, joining a roster of champions who have gone on to great success in the middle distances. 5.13.15

Diamondback Serios
Canyon is the consumer-direct brand taking Europe by storm. Is Diamondback trying to do the same in the U.S.? Here is its tri bike, ridden by Team Wattie Ink, Rachel McBride and others. 5.27.15
QR's PRsix for 2015
What if, instead of cramming every possible feature into a bike, somebody built one that was easy to adjust, easy to travel with, and was light, and was fast? 5.26.15
USA TT Championships images
Andrew Talansky and Kristin Armstrong won the 2015 US Pro TT Championships in Chattanooga, TN and here are images from that day 5.24.15
Stayin' Alive - Rural
Following up on our "Stayin' Alive - Urban," here's our guide to a cyclist's good behaviors that take into account a motorist's bad behaviors, increasing the likelihood of a safe return home. 5.20.15
Split-Nose Saddle Case Study
It's a graphic example of the difference a saddle placement can make. Matt Hansen and Lionel Sanders ride very different positions, the fruit of where their split-nose saddles are mounted. 5.20.15
Matt Hanson's QR PR6
Enjoy this closer look at the Quintana Roo PRsix race bike of Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas champion Matt Hanson - the man with the golden ticket to Kona. 5.20.15
Using, Caring for Your Wetsuit
Karen Sing's wetsuit tenure began at Quintana Roo in 1990, lasting into the 2000s, moving on to head wetsuit projects at Zoot and Profile Design. Great open-water swimmer. Expert on wetsuit use and care. 5.20.15
The Slowtwitch Wetsuit Guide
It's almost impossible to find the one "right" wetsuit. As with dating, you can't sample them all before find your keeper. Wetsuit dating, how does that work? 5.19.15
Leanda Cave's Ventum
Brit Leanda Cave finished second at the 2015 Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas aboard this Mavic and Shimano equipped Ventum race bike. Have a look. 5.18.15
Change the Saddle, not the Position
When you swap out a standard for a split-nose you probably donít want to change your position, just your saddle. Letís talk about how you mount a split-nose saddle so that only your saddle, and not your position, changes. 5.18.15
The LG Gennix of Lionel Sanders
Lionel Sanders is a threat in any race he enters and that was true yesterday at Ironman Texas too. We now look at his Shimano equipped Louis Garneau Gennix TR1. 5.17.15
TriEqual did not Doom Lottery
In our Reader Forum I conflated an overheated atmosphere associated with the TriEqual movement with (if I can be permitted) "Lotterygate." Upon reflection I was wrong; I now see no evidence of any nexus. 5.16.15
The new Scott Addict CX
Scott introduced a very light new Addict CX bike recently and here are details of this cyclocross bikes with disc brakes and thru-axles wrapped around a sub 900 gram frame. 5.15.15
Who Tipped the Feds?
Two triathletes are the likely agents drawing the attention of the US Attorney to Ironman's Lottery program. Here's why at least one of them made the decision he did. 5.14.15
The Return of Long and Low?
For a decade the tri bike has been "rising." The advent of newer aerobars that efficiently pedestal the pad and extension might signal a reversal of that geometric trend. 5.12.15
Pro Athlete Race Calendar
Recent statements from Life Time and Challenge echo similar comments from RDs: Absent significant advance notice of who's coming to our races, a pro purse is of limited use. 5.11.15