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Inspiring kids to do a triathlon
This is a story about a kids triathlon, but in all reality it is mostly about inspiring kids to go outside and be active versus sitting in front of a TV or any other screen. 8.03.15
On a determined pace to Kona
In 2014 Levi Maxwell won his age group in Kona, and earlier this year he was 4th overall at Ironman Cairns. But his focus is set on Kona 2015 and going even faster. 8.03.15
Javier Gomez prevails in Rio
Javier Gomez outran Vincent Luis to win the Rio Olympic Qualification event, and Richard Murray ran strong from behind to grab the final spot on the podium. 8.02.15
Jorgensen dominates Rio
USA’s Gwen Jorgensen led Brits Non Stanford and Vicky Holland atop Rio Olympic Qualification podium; Sarah True takes 2nd U.S. Olympic qualifying slot. 8.02.15
The Weekend Box Aug 2 2015
On a busy triathletic weekend, we present for your reading pleasure Ironman contests in the Netherlands and the Rockies, and Ironman 70.3s in the Philippines and South Africa. 8.02.15
Hovda, Lie win 2015 Norseman
Allan Hovda defended his Isklar Norseman title and held off Lars Petter Stormo with a time of 9:43:46. Kristin Lie battled Line Foss all day to take the 2015 Norseman women's title. 8.01.15
2015 Norseman swim shortened
After the Friday morning swim, the Norseman crew announced that the swim for tomorrow's race has been shortened to 1.9k because of 10.5 degree water temps. 7.31.15
Pooley, Guilloux take Alpe D'Huez
Emma Pooley and Arnaud Guilloux captured the challenging and absolutely breathtaking 2015 Alpe D'Huez Triathlon. Mary Beth Ellis and James Cunnama were runner-ups. 7.31.15
Rio Swim: On, Off, Back On
The last 2 days have been unsettling for hopefuls awaiting the Rio Test Events on Sunday. The swim was on, then off, now on again. But questions remain. 7.31.15
Beautiful UltraTri Sweden images
Starters at the 2015 UltraTri Sweden swam 12k, biked 510k and ran 93k, and while there was a winner, events like this are not so much about time, distance and placing. 7.30.15
Is Rio's Water a Lab Experiment?
Three days before the Rio Test Event, the AP wrote of competitors "who have already fallen ill with fevers, vomiting and diarrhea," because of water quality. 7.30.15
Guy in a black suit with red hair
David Dellow had an age group bib number at Challenge Roth and was thus somewhat under the radar, but that did not stop him from grabbing a podium spot. 7.30.15
Canyon goes Down Under
Every time we feature a Canyon bike, riders outside of Europe want to know how to get one, and now they are available to Australians and Kiwis. 7.29.15
Pros get together and form union
The Professional Triathlon Union was announced today with several famed pro triathletes listed as signatories, although this was not the first effort of its kind. 7.29.15
Cupcakes with Helle Frederiksen
Kiwi Callum Millward interviews Helle Frederiksen about money, modeling, Boulder, racing, writing books and more in this new Cupcakes with Cal episode. 7.28.15
Pro changes at selected Ironmans
Ironman announced today that selected North American Ironman and Ironman 70.3 races will feature split professional start fields starting in 2016. 7.27.15
When nobody truly wins
In a small race in Southern Germany, the race winner was disqualified for receiving outside assistance, and the declared winner was not happy either. 7.27.15
Aernouts, Riesler take Poznan
Bart Aernouts won the inaugural Enea Challenge Poznan ahead of James Cunnama. Diana Riesler grabbed the women's title over Radka Vodickova. 7.26.15
Zyemtsev, Mack win IM Canada
Viktor Zyemtsev made a late race pass on Kyle Buckingham and Danielle Mack overtook home country favorite Melanie McQuaid late in the run to win IM Canada. 7.26.15
The Weekend Box Jul 26 2015
The Weekend Box offers accounts of a hard fought 70.3 in Calgary, a rugged XTERRA, Ironman Lake Placid and the finish of a 50 Ironmans in 50 days quest. 7.26.15

DQ for roadside relief?
A competitor was DQd during the bike leg for urinating near the roadway during Ironman Lake Placid. As many do. (Let's be honest, as all of us long-timers have done.) Was this fair? 8.03.15
Overdrinking or not enough salt?
Latasch: The athlete drank mostly water during the race and did not take in enough minerals. Noakes: Can't happen if athletes advised to drink to thirst, not to a schedule. 8.03.15
The S-Works Shiv of Sam Betten
The 6'4" tall Aussie Sam Betten let us have a closer look at his Shimano equipped Specialized S-Works Shiv - ready for Ironman 70.3 Philippines. 8.03.15
When a confrontation escalates
A motorist in the UK chased a cyclist on foot after a heated confrontation, and then took a serious fall onto the pavement. Instant justice possibly, but the cyclist should have shown more restraint. 7.31.15
Frederik Van Lierde's Cervelo P5
At the IM European Championships in Frankfurt, Germany we noticed the green custom painted Cervelo P5 of 2013 IM Kona champion Frederik Van Lierde. 7.30.15
When exotic is what you need
Triathletes are super willing to put their superbikes in boxes or on planes, and travel. Where do they most often go? Europe? Nope. Canada? Nope. 7.28.15
Ordu Deeper Dive
The body language surrounding this launch constrains me to again take this brand seriously as a tri bike maker. 7.27.15
A Hawaii themed Specialized
At the 2015 Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt, Germany our man Karsten Täschner noticed a custom painted Hawaiian themed Specialized Transition. 7.23.15
Slow motion Roth 2015 - men
During the 2015 Datev Challenge Roth we captured slow motion bike videos of male pros Andrew Starykowicz, Nils Frommhold, Timo Bracht, Per Bittner and Chris Bagg. 7.22.15
Giving back to volunteers in Roth
Challenge Roth had about 6,000 volunteers this year and these fans are fully involved. The Challenge family thanks the volunteers with a big shindig called Helferfest. 7.21.15
Slow motion Roth 2015 - women
We collected several slow motion bike studies of top females at the 2015 Datev Challenge Roth, and here is your chance to view them. 7.20.15
Is your bike safe to ride?
When I started cycling frame builders did not make frames to destroy them. Today they do. Your frame has a lot of dead cousins or, if not, it should. 7.20.15
Eric Lagerstrom's PanAm life
Team USA earned a silver medal at the 2015 PanAm Games triathlon, and here is a video with The Triathlon Squad member Eric Lagerstrom during the days surrounding the race. 7.16.15
Beauty on the inside
Two frames pop out of the same mold. One is twice as expensive as the other. What justifies the big price variance? Is it all just marketing? 7.16.15
Felt downstreams its IA
Felt has compelling models at the top (IA) and at entry level (B Series). It just announced a new IA that slots nicely in between. 7.16.15
Nils Frommhold's proto Canyon
German Nils Frommhold earned the top of the podium at Challenge Roth with a solid day and a superb 4:09:30 bike split. Here is a closer look at his Canyon prototype bike. 7.14.15