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Bozzone takes Challenge Dubai
Terenzo Bozzone of New Zealand won the inaugural Challenge Dubai and Aussie Tim Reed and German Michael Raelert rounded out the podium after a hiccup. 2.27.15
Ryf strikes at Challenge Dubai
Swiss powerhouse Daniela Ryf stormed to a very fine win in Dubai and thus aligned herself well to capture the $1,000,000 Triple Crown purse. 2.27.15
Challenge Dubai - race images
The inaugural Challenge Dubai is in the books now and as expected the racing was very exciting. Please enjoy these images from this $300,000 event. 2.27.15
Challenge Dubai - bike check-in
This afternoon around 1000 athletes checked in their bikes for the inaugural Challenge Dubai and we were there to see who came and what they brought. 2.26.15
Challenge Dubai - pre race images
The inaugural Challenge Dubai is now only 2 days away and we checked out what is happening in and around the race venue on Jumeirah Beach. 2.25.15
Second stolen bike alert
Pete Kain of Kain Performance Coaches had his 2014 Felt AR 2 stolen from his Toyota FJ Cruiser Tuesday evening while he was coaching a swim workout at Los Gatos (California) High School. 2.25.15
Gerard Vroomen a part of 3T
Gerard Vroomen left Cervelo. Now (like Jack Nicholson in The Shining?) he's baaaack! As parter/owner with Rene Wiertz, the 3T brand absorbs a formidable asset into the braintrust. 2.25.15
Up close with Victor Del Corral
The 2014 season had plenty of highs and lows for Victor Del Corral and we had a few words with him as he is getting ready to start his season in Dubai. 2.23.15
Maloy, Cook take Tritonman
Joe Maloy won the UC San Diego Tritonman elite development race this past weekend. Summer Cook took the women's title ahead of Jodie Stimpson and Lindsey Jerdonek. 2.23.15
The Weekend Box Feb 22 2015
This weekend we bring you accounts of triathlons from the Philippines, South Africa, Australia and Florida plus a fast 5k from a Brownlee in Northern Ireland. 2.22.15
McNeice, Crawford top Wanaka
Dylan McNeice ran away from Dougal Allan to complete a three-peat and Gina Crawford dominated the women's field win the elite titles at Challenge Wanaka. 2.21.15
Stolen bike alert in California
The Cervelo P5-6 of Sarah Piampiano has been stolen from her car in Sausalito, CA yesterday afternoon and she needs your help to recover it. 2.20.15
We Noticed: Tabayesco, Dimond...
This week we noticed a popular Tabayesco spot, the Jordan Rapp Dimond frame, Bonk Breaker Chews, an interesting sheet set, the Brasil Ironman social media and more. 2.17.15
The 50 Women To Kona letter
While Pro prize money in Kona is equal for men and women, the starting spots are not, and an open letter has been drafted and signed by many to address this issue. 2.16.15
Lance loses $10 mill arbitration
Today a Texas court ordered Lance Armstrong and Tailwind Promotions to pay a $10 million judgment to SCA Promotions for Tour de France win bonuses. 2.16.15
The Weekend Box Feb 15 2015
We bring triathlon aficionados tales of far flung races in New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina and Finland, as well as a mile record in New York and some tri-Valentines. 2.15.15
What Are They Riding Now?
The 2015 triathlon season is on and the new year also means many Pros on other bike brands. Who swapped and who stayed? We have many updates within. 2.13.15
Global rule standard announced
Ironman today announced a global standardization of competition rules, thus aligning drafting distances, penalties and some other rules worldwide. 2.12.15
Challenge sets purses in Americas
The Challenge Family set prize purses of 50,000 Euros for full distance events and 25,000 Euros for half distance events for their 15 triathlons in North and South America in 2015 2.12.15
Hy-Vee pulls the plug on triathlon
The popular and rich purse Hy-Vee Triathlon started in 2007, and according to the Des Moines Register Hy-Vee will not take place in 2015 and moving forward. 2.10.15

First look at the elusive Ventum
The new Ventum brand has been hotly discussed and a few snap shots appeared on the web, but here is a closer look at the Ventum prototype of Leanda Cave. 2.28.15
Tim Reed's Challenge Dubai Felt
Tim Reed ended up in second place at Challenge Dubai but he won the hearts of many folks. We now look closer at his Shimano equipped Felt IA race bike. 2.27.15
The Falco V of Paul Matthews
A closer look at the Falco V race bike of Paul Matthews, who is getting ready for Challenge Dubai. We also noticed his fancy new Coca-Cola kit. 2.25.15
Registrant's Bill of Rights
By the 2016 season the "rights" listed here should be our reasonable expectations at the portal of entry for any event or membership taken by a registration company. 2.23.15
The little race that should
We all have a beloved small race near us, but some of these events are struggling to stay alive. That is also true for the 36 North race near our editor-in-chief. 2.19.15
Virtual Racing
We review the leading virtual bike training and racing software and services: Bkool, Virtual Training, Kinomap, Tour de Giro and FulGaz. 2.17.15
The hunt for equal Kona slots
There is a strong push to increase the number of female pros qualifying for Kona to 50 - for parity, and here is the opinion of our editor-in-chief. 2.16.15
Saint Active
Active Network catches blame it righteously deserves. It's also the pincushion for arrows that should be aimed at the RD. 2.16.15
Registration or Waterboarding?
We asked 40 race directors what they value when choosing among the 16(!) platforms represented in this cohort, and how their values clash with what consumers want. 2.11.15
Active's Stealth Auto-Renew
Nobody disagrees with the concept of multi-year or auto-renew deals. In Active Network's case there is disagreement with some RDs on the term of the agreement they're in. 2.11.15
Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 8.0
We got our hands on a Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 8.0, and here is the first look at this fast looking aero road machine straight out of the box from Germany. 2.10.15
Online Registration
Some of the 82 race registration companies appeal to RDs, others are built with the end-user in mind. Is the industry shifting, and is Active still fit to rule? 2.09.15
The Rohan Dennis BMC
Up close with the BMC Trackmachine TR01 of the 24-year old Aussie Rohan Dennis, who will attempt to break the 1-hour record on Sunday in Grenchen. 2.06.15
The Jack Bobridge 1-hour video
A few days ago Jack Bobridge started his 1-hour record braking attempt in Melbourne with fury but in the end fell short. Here now is a video from that attempt. 2.03.15
Inside the heart of Ultraman
Author Jim Gourley has written a tale of the small group of founders, guardians and remarkable athletes who keep the original spirit of triathlon alive in the 3-day, 320-mile Ultraman. 1.31.15
The stunning Ledesma Shiv
Ricardo Ledesma is an architect who loves bikes and that passion shows on the S-Works Shiv he modified with a variety of custom crafted components. 1.30.15