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What Happened at Weihai?

A case can be made that Julie Miller’s WC Weihai win was righteous, but for those who want to draw that conclusion contrary data and testimony stand in the way.

Kona Survey: 1997

Did you know that in 1997 there were more 650c bikes in Kona than 700c bikes? That's the biggest difference between bikes then and bikes now.

1996 Kona Bike Survey

In this Wayback look at the 1996 Kona Bike Survey, as it was written then, there's a graph showing bike brand counts from 1992 thru 1996.

Kona Survey: 1995

The very first Kona Bike Surveys were produced by QRman, before he was Slowman. Quintana Roo and then Slowtwitch produced the survey from 1992 to 2006. Here's 1995.

Jordan Rapp's WBR Project Buffalo Litespeed T3

Finding himself without a road bike, Jordan Rapp worked with Toby Stanton of Hot Tubes to create an homage to World Bicycle Relief's Buffalo bike, based around Litespeed's classic T3 titanium ...

A few days with Alicia Kaye

Canadian-born U.S. citizen Alicia Kaye dominated non-drafting Olympic distance races in 2013 and 2014. A gallery of a few days of training in her first season of 70.3 racing.

2015 Ironman 70.3 Boulder

Boulder, training home to dozens of the world’s best triathletes, hosts an Ironman 70.3 race every year that draws a stellar pro field. Photo gallery by Timothy Carlson.

Tales of Open Mold Purchases

Slowtwitchers banded together to group-buy the HongFu TM6 AVENGER tri bike. How did it go? Here are comments from purchasers.

Stayin' Alive - Rural

Following up on our "Stayin' Alive - Urban," here's our guide to a cyclist's good behaviors that take into account a motorist's bad behaviors, increasing the likelihood of a safe return home.

Who Tipped the Feds?

Two triathletes are the likely agents drawing the attention of the US Attorney to Ironman's Lottery program. Here's why at least one of them made the decision he did.

2015 Wildflower long course

At the 33rd Wildflower long course triathlon Jesse Thomas won his 5th straight men’s title, and Heather Jackson fell 200 yards short of a 4-peat thanks to Liz Lyles sprint finish.

2015 Wildflower pre race

The days before the 33rd Wildflower long course triathlon were filled with calm, chilled out triathletes and fans enjoying perfect sunny weather and a calm vibe at inland Monterey County.

2015 Jakes race day

The 20th Jakes Off Road Triathlon offered sunny skies, a duel between David Bromfield and Bobby Barnes, and a an Ultimate Frisbee pro women's winner.

Gwen on the Bike

America's brightest triathlon star is a fish in the water and a deer on the run. But on the bike? Not so much. Is that changing? Maybe so.

The prerace scene at Jakes

Want an intimate triathlon with a laid back vibe in a Caribbean paradise? Jakes Off Road Triathlon in Treasure Beach Jamaica. Photo Gallery by Timothy Carlson

Wildflower: A Camping Primer

Camping at Wildflower can either be a grind or a pleasure, depending on whether you planned and prepared wisely. Here are my tips.

Guide to Wildflower: Intro

There are 3 triathlons not to be missed to understand the sport in its historic entirety: Kona, Roth and Wildflower. Today begins our guide to this 32-year old venerated behemoth.

2015 California 70.3 triathlon

Jan Frodeno won his second straight pro men's crown and Heather Jackson won the battle of the Heathers at Ironman 70.3 California.. Photo Gallery by Timothy Carlson.

Frodo's Electric Canyon

Few bikes have been this anticipated. Not just the bike, but the as-yet-unreleased stealth drive train by SRAM.

2015 Oceanside pre-race

Ironman 70.3 California always draws an elite field to this Southern California classic, home of many major triathlon sponsors. Pre race photo gallery by Timothy Carlson

Registrant's Bill of Rights

By the 2016 season the "rights" listed here should be our reasonable expectations at the portal of entry for any event or membership taken by a registration company.

Saint Active

Active Network catches blame it righteously deserves. It's also the pincushion for arrows that should be aimed at the RD.

Active's Stealth Auto-Renew

Nobody disagrees with the concept of multi-year or auto-renew deals. In Active Network's case there is disagreement with some RDs on the term of the agreement they're in.

Registration or Waterboarding?

We asked 40 race directors what they value when choosing among the 16(!) platforms represented in this cohort, and how their values clash with what consumers want.

Online Registration

Some of the 82 race registration companies appeal to RDs, others are built with the end-user in mind. Is the industry shifting, and is Active still fit to rule?
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