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2015 California 70.3 triathlon new

Jan Frodeno won his second straight pro men's crown and Heather Jackson won the battle of the Heathers at Ironman 70.3 California.. Photo Gallery by Timothy Carlson.

Frodo's Electric Canyon new

Few bikes have been this anticipated. Not just the bike, but the as-yet-unreleased stealth drive train by SRAM.

2015 Oceanside pre-race new

Ironman 70.3 California always draws an elite field to this Southern California classic, home of many major triathlon sponsors. Pre race photo gallery by Timothy Carlson

Registrant's Bill of Rights

By the 2016 season the "rights" listed here should be our reasonable expectations at the portal of entry for any event or membership taken by a registration company.

Saint Active

Active Network catches blame it righteously deserves. It's also the pincushion for arrows that should be aimed at the RD.

Active's Stealth Auto-Renew

Nobody disagrees with the concept of multi-year or auto-renew deals. In Active Network's case there is disagreement with some RDs on the term of the agreement they're in.

Registration or Waterboarding?

We asked 40 race directors what they value when choosing among the 16(!) platforms represented in this cohort, and how their values clash with what consumers want.

Online Registration

Some of the 82 race registration companies appeal to RDs, others are built with the end-user in mind. Is the industry shifting, and is Active still fit to rule?

2015 Cross Country Nationals

Chris Derrick won the Open Men title and Laura Thweatt took the Open Women victory at the USATF Cross Country Nationals. Photo Gallery by Timothy Carlson.

2015 Outdoor Retailer trade show

The Outdoor Retailer trade show offered bearded men, a cutaway of an Osprey airplane, a Pitchin’ Power contest, a green neon colored Hoka shoe and more intriguing products.

Israman Negev Eilat Gallery

Esteemed photographer Larry Rosa captured the beauty and the beastliness of the rugged 226 and 113 kilometer Israman courses down at the southernmost tip of Israel.

Best of 2014 – Tri People

Some moments quiet and introspective, exuberant and hilarious, intimate and outgoing of triathletes at home and enjoying some exotic locales around the globe. Photo gallery by Timothy Carlson.

Best of 2014 – the Run

From a freezing blizzard in Boulder to 107-degree tropical sauna in Thailand, triathletes from 6 years old to veteran pros pushed their limits with exhilaration in some of Timothy Carlson’s favorite ...

Best of 2014 – The Bike

From Oceanside to Mt. Tremblant, Boulder to Wildflower, Eilat to Kona – with riders including Carfrae and Stevens, Kienle, Frodeno and Viennot - Timothy Carlson’s favorite bike snaps.

Best of 2014 – the Swim

From Eilat to Wildflower to Boulder to Kona to Laguna Phuket, some shots by Timothy Carlson of triathlon swimmers in training and competition around the globe.

Emma vs. Gwen – so far it’s a tie

Gwen Jorgensen won the 2014 ITU World Triathlon Series world title with runs that left rivals in the dust; recently retired Emma Snowsill’s run performances compare well with the American.

2014 Challenge Laguna Phuket

Catching images of the brave souls who competed in 107 degrees heat and survived the rugged hills at Challenge Laguna Phuket. Photo Gallery by Timothy Carlson.

Laguna Phuket Day Trip

Challenge Laguna Phuket contenders, a camera crew and director Peter Henning, and a few tri journos take a trip to a farm on a small island in nearby Phangnga Bay

Pre race Challenge Laguna Phuket

The jewel of Thailand's southern coast welcomes the second edition of Challenge Laguna Phuket with a select field of pros who will be greeted by an elephant at the finish.

Compex Puts Some Muscle Behind the 6th Annual Rappstar Charity Challenge

The next awesome prize up in the 6th Annual Rappstar Charity Challenge is the top-of-the-line Compex Sport Elite muscle stimulator. Simply put, it's the best training and recovery tool on the market. ...

Michellie Jones Backs Rappstar’s 6th Annual World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge

The legendary Michellie Jones talks about her continued support of World Bicycle Relief, where she's been a great supporter of both the organization on its own and Jordan Rapp's annual fundraiser.

Rappstar’s 6th Annual World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge - Silca SuperPista

Josh Poertner & the team at Silca talk about supporting this years fundraiser with their beautiful SuperPista pump & Hiro chuck.

Darker and Stormier

Part 2 of USAT's board war. Ten years ago, to the month, USAT faced the same board crisis it's facing now: an expensive and exhausting coexistence between elite and general directors.

It Was a Dark and Stormy NGB

Since October, 2012, USA Triathlon has been an organization at war with itself. In this 2-part series Slowtwitch explains the war, which has cost the federation in time and treasure.

Rappstar’s 6th Annual World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge

It’s that time of the year again! For the sixth year in a row, it is time for the annual WBR fundraiser that puts bikes into the hands of MANY well-deserving folks around the world.
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