Craig Taylor on Zwift Run

: We pinned down Craig Taylor, the Director of Growth Marketing for Running and Triathlon at Zwift to learn more about the run offering and what is still to come.

A Former Pro Triathlete Hits the Gravel

: After a foot injury ended Barrett Brandon’s pro triathlon career, the Texas native pounced on a job at Utah's Ventum.

Kicking Back With Jackie Hering

: Wisconsin based Jackie Hering managed to win a 70.3 race before the COVID19 shutdown and more recently raced the PTO Championships, and we had a chat with her.

The Determined Zwift Badge Hunter

: Josh Hageman currently has 143 known Zwift badges to his name and is ready for any new ones to come, but he finds challenges in many other places too.

A Fish Called Fischbach

: On New Year's Day John Fischbach swam from Indiana to Kentucky in 39 degree water and no wetsuit.

Catching Up with Superstar Klodian Mitri

: The best thing about our sport? The people.

Up Close with Noel Mulkey

: Noel Mulkey did not start triathlon until fairly recently, but he is now all in and pretty good at it. But he was not always lean and mean and had to overcome some hard times.

Matt Hanson on Stepping Up

: At the recent PTO Championships in Daytona Matt Hanson put down the hammer during the run a reeled in all but one, and while the run speed wasn't surprising he had a much lower goal going in.

Paula Findlay Joins Us for Some Downtime

: We sit down with the inaugural PTO Champion, and you've got the chance to ask her questions.

Every Scar Has a Story; This Story is Adelaide Perr's

: Adelaide Perr is a coach, former professional triathlete, and a recently published author.

Catching Up with Eric Zaltas and the Re-birth of PowerBar

: PowerBar is a brand that has lived through a lot over the last 20+ years. Eric Zaltas has been right alongside for most of it.

Up Close with Brittany Vocke

: Brittany Vocke was the top female age grouper at the 2020 IRONMAN Florida, and we sat down with her and her dog Turtle to learn more about this fast woman.

From Addiction to IRONMAN Champion

: Colin Cook was the top age grouper at the recent IRONMAN Florida in a time of 8:53:01 and finally beat that sub-9 target, but it has not always been smooth sailing for this family man with 4 kids.

Adam Hansen On New Adventures

: Seasoned Pro cyclist Adam Hansen will move fully into the sport of triathlon when the current Giro d'Italia concludes, but he is not completely new to the sport.

On the Throttle with Lisa Norden

: Lisa Norden has been very busy the last few weeks racing the UCI Road World Championships and various triathlons - including an underground one in Germany.

On the Hunt for Fastest Known Times

: With COVID-19 around many athletes have found new adventures to tackle, but Alyssa Godesky already hunted for unique challenges well before most races were forced to cancel or postpone this year.

Breakthrough Man

: At age 20, Vasco Vilaca of Portugal burst into the spotlight with a silver medal at ITU Elite Worlds.

The Marionettist of Norseman is Busy

: Dag Oliver is maybe best known for his passionate work as the GM of the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon in Norway, but he is a man of many talents.

A Chat with Barry Berg

: Canadian age grouper Barry Berg has qualified for Kona a few times and also has sought out other unique endurance challenges. We sat down with him and had a chat.

Onwards for Frederik Van Lierde

: The 2013 IRONMAN World Champion Frederik Van Lierde is only 41, but he is walking away from the sport and working on what will be next. He had planned a couple years ago to finish his pro racing ...

Once a Swimmer Always a Swimmer

: Alex Kostich started swimming at a very young age and now at age 50 he still swims often and with passion, but he finds inspiration and adventures in many places and not just in the water.

When it Rains, it Often Pours

: Charlotte-based professional triathlete Kelly Fillnow crashed on a cruiser bike while spectating and supporting athletes at 70.3 North Carolina and that meant the end of her season.

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