Is BiSaddle Having its Moment?

: The visuals, functionality, and the recognition of a need have conspired to give this saddle its moment.

It’s JCOB Now; Here’s the Saddle Line-up

: It's the saddle underneath the top men, plus the new 38mm saddle.

Slowtwitcher Saddle Preferences - A Study

: We analyze a series of polls about the saddles chosen by Slowtwitch readers. How have things evolved over the last dozen years?

Prologo Previews New Dimension Tri Saddles

: Our Tech Editor looks at the upcoming Dimension Tri saddle range from Prologo. Is this your next triathlon perch?

Shimano PRO Stealth Review

: We review an anatomic cutout saddle from Shimano’s accessories brand, PRO. With a carbon base and technical features, should it be your next perch?

BiSaddle ShapeShifter Review

: We review a unique adjustable saddle that’s made in the USA. Could this be answer for those wanting to avoid the process of trying saddle after saddle?

SMP T1 and T2 Review

: We take a close look at two tri-specific saddles from Selle SMP, the T1 and T2. With a wide cutout and curves for days, are they for you?

Challenging Triathlon Saddle Assumptions

: We examine parts of the triathlon saddle paradigm. How do you choose your saddle width and padding? Is there something beyond the narrow and firm racing saddle?

The Saddles You Are Choosing

: What saddles do people prefer on their tri bikes, when given a real opportunity to try them, and then to choose?

Cobb Fifty-Five. Finding Comfort Just Off The Front.

: The Cobb Fifty-Five was the first of Cobb JOF (Just Off the Front) line of saddles and also his first noseless saddle under the Cobb name, building on his thought process during his previous tenure ...

Dr. Dash. Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Saddle.

: I thought the Dash would be an interesting saddle, but I didn't expect to love it. It turned out to be overall the most comfortable saddle I've ever used.

Cobb SHC. Minimalist Yet Functional.

: The Cobb SHC is a very narrow, low-profile saddle with a flat contour and a small but functional cutout.

Tri Saddle Roundup

: Last week it was ISM and fi'zi:k, this week it's the rest: Cobb, Dash, Prologo, Bontrager, Specialized, Fabric, PRO. Who rides these saddles, how, and why?

Proper use of ISM and fi'zi:k

: Twenty percent of 642 Slowtwitchers polled say they don't ride a noseless saddle, meaning 80 percent do. Should noseless have this much market share?

Cobb saddle overview

: We review several saddle models from Cobb Cycling – the Plus, the SHC, and the brand new Gen2. Our setup guide features fit notes, measurements, and basic recommendations.

ISM Attack Review

: We review the newest model from ISM, called the Attack. Some say it’s a road saddle. Some say it’s a triathlon saddle. Some say it doesn’t matter. We say…

Specialized Sitero unveiled

: Specialized unveiled their new Sitero triathlon saddle today in conjunction with Ironman Melbourne and we have detailed pics and a video chat with the product manager.

ISM Long Term Test

: We've had our hands on several models of ISM saddles for well over a year. We share our thoughts, experiences, and recommendations on these ever-popular saddles. Are they right for you? Read on.

Saddle Theory: Part III

: Split nose saddles: I separate these into two categories, those that appear like standard saddles, creating a fjord out of what in other saddles is a lake; versus wide split-nosed saddles like the ...

Saddle Theory: Part II

: Are there differences between how you sit, and what you do, aboard a saddle on a road bike versus a tri bike? Yes. Two differences, and they're big. What makes this possible? Handlebar design.

Saddle Theory: Part I

: We're going to be writing about saddles a lot during the first part of 2012. Let's start with why road saddles are made the way they are, and why you can throw it all out the window when mounting a ...