Changes to Boxless Bike Delivery

: It’s no secret I’m bullish on boxless, complete bike delivery. There are changes to this service.

The Other Bike Count: TriBike Transport

: Looking at both the Kona count, and the TriBike Transport count, readers can get a sense of what tri bikes are selling.

Bike Brands and Sponsored Pros in Kona

: Which brands are over- and under-invested in pro long course athletes?

Selected Scenes at 2022 IM Lake Placid

: The 2022 stop at IRONMAN Lake Placid provided everything you could ask for.

Tubeless Was Bike Tech First

: Bicycle tires were first tubeless. We're just now getting back to where we started.

Couples Discuss This Weekend's Novel Event

: Jeanni & Justin Metzler; Mirinda Carfrae & Tim O’Donnell; Eric Lagerstrom & Paula Findley talk about the Waterfall Bank Couples Championship

Your Tri Bike Buying Plans for 2022

: You're back to buying tri bikes for 2022, at higher price points, and more of you intend to buy pre-owned bikes.

A Look Back at the 2021 Tri Season

: Norwegians ruled the men, a Bermudian outpaced the women, records fell and legends passed in 2021.

Ventum's Metamorphosis

: Ventum was Miami glam and flash when it launched in 2015. Today it's Utah heartland and work ethic.

Here's the Factory That Makes your Litespeed, QR, OBED

: It's American Bicycle Group in Chattanooga, TN. There is more bikemaking going on here than almost anywhere in the U.S.

BiSaddle's Factory

: St. George, Utah is home to highly regarded triathlon; also to a highly regarded saddle brand. Here's the inners of BiSaddle.

Heather Jackson and Ben Hoffman take on BWR Cedar City

: With most of the 2020 triathlon season cancelled, two champion triathletes decided to take on a much different challenge – gravel.

Anne Haug Visits the Wind Tunnel

: We take a close look at the recent wind tunnel test of Kona champion, Anne Haug. Following her bike fit, the goal was to validate recent position changes.

The Gorée Project

: Our multisport events memorialize skills we learn when their need was "for real." There is no more poignant example than the Gorée Island race.

Meredith Kessler: Moving the PTO on women’s issues

: A star of the Ironman 70.3 realm, Kessler looking to an improving future for female pros.

Scott DeFilippis, PTO Treasurer

: Scott DeFilippis is the Treasurer of the PTO with a background competing, coaching and serving as an athletes’ agent.

Rachel Joyce Discusses Her Role in the PTO

: After retiring in 2017, Joyce stayed heavily involved in triathlon as a PTO Board Member.

Tim O’Donnell’s Role in the PTO

: Q&A with one of prominent pros involved with the formation of the Professional Triathletes Organization.

Inside the Birth of the PTO and Beyond

: A look inside the philosophy and complex economics behind a unique partnership.

Can the PTO Measure Up to its Promise?

: The Professional Triathletes Organization is betting on its big ideas, its big investor, and its partnership with the pros.

What to Expect When You Sell to Pro’s Closet

: Yes, I run a Classifieds Forum. But I just sent in 5 bikes to TPC, to see firsthand how the process works.

Anne Haug Dials Her Fit

: We take a look at the recent bike fit session of top pro, Anne Haug. With the help of Daniel Schade and gebioMized, she gets lower and more aero.

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