Anne Haug Visits the Wind Tunnel

: We take a close look at the recent wind tunnel test of Kona champion, Anne Haug. Following her bike fit, the goal was to validate recent position changes.

The Gorée Project

: Our multisport events memorialize skills we learn when their need was "for real." There is no more poignant example than the Gorée Island race.

Meredith Kessler: Moving the PTO on women’s issues

: A star of the Ironman 70.3 realm, Kessler looking to an improving future for female pros.

Scott DeFilippis, PTO Treasurer

: Scott DeFilippis is the Treasurer of the PTO with a background competing, coaching and serving as an athletes’ agent.

Rachel Joyce Discusses Her Role in the PTO

: After retiring in 2017, Joyce stayed heavily involved in triathlon as a PTO Board Member.

Tim O’Donnell’s Role in the PTO

: Q&A with one of prominent pros involved with the formation of the Professional Triathletes Organization.

Inside the Birth of the PTO and Beyond

: A look inside the philosophy and complex economics behind a unique partnership.

Can the PTO Measure Up to its Promise?

: The Professional Triathletes Organization is betting on its big ideas, its big investor, and its partnership with the pros.

What to Expect When You Sell to Pro’s Closet

: Yes, I run a Classifieds Forum. But I just sent in 5 bikes to TPC, to see firsthand how the process works.

Anne Haug Dials Her Fit

: We take a look at the recent bike fit session of top pro, Anne Haug. With the help of Daniel Schade and gebioMized, she gets lower and more aero.

The Impact of Civil Rights Legislation on Triathlon

: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Higher Education Act of 1965 greatly impacted triathlon, but not in the way you expect.

Updates and Aero Testing with Daniela Ryf

: Despite a bad performance in Kona last year, Daniela Ryf is on-track for 2020. She visited the velodrome with DT Swiss to find gains.

2019 Kona - Top 15 Pro Women Run Gear

: Nike dominates the counts, with more than half of the top 15 sporting the Swoosh.

2019 Kona - Top 15 Pro Men Run Gear

: No new run record this year, but Jan Frodeno’s 2:42:43 was the fastest of 7 men in the top 15 who broke 2:50.

Kona 2019 Top 15 Women – Bike Equipment

: For bike techies, we present the specs of the rides used by the best Ironman women of 2019

Kona 2019 Top 15 Men – Bike Gear

: All the hot bike gear used by the elite Ironman competitors at the 2019 edition at Kona.

The Latest Transformative Idea: Used Stuff

: The secondary market is now a mandatory for shops, not an elective that most elect to ignore.

The Big Island You Probably Don't Know

: Kona is fine. But to endurance-explore the sheer wall valleys and waterfalls, that's the Hamakua Coast.

Kona 2019: Slowtwitch Gathering Gallery

: Once again, Slowtwitchers came from all points of the compass to reconnect at Kona.

Kona 2019: Tuesday Afternoon

: Sights in and around the Parade of Nations spread along Ali'i Drive from the King Kam to the Expo.

Brave athletes turned out for Lobsterman

: As Hurricane Dorian passed offshore, the 16th annual event in Freeport, Maine went off without a hitch.

Odyssey SwimRun Casco Bay Gallery

: Maine’s rocky coastline and nearby islands provides another refreshing summer venue for the SwimRun crowd

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