SRAM's Time ATAC Pedals

: Now that Time Pedals is part of the SRAM Family I thought we’d revisit what that pedal system is all about.

Speedplay POWRLINK ZERO Pedals

: Long awaited and highly anticipated, the Speedplay Power Meter pedals are finally here, and we're putting them through their paces.

The Low-Down On SRAM’s $99 Wireless Blips

: While there remains some needed functionality, these shifters are a tri bike game changer. SRAM dares you not to spec them.

SRAM Acquires Hammerhead, a Head Unit Maker

: SRAM, more than any component maker, built its roster through free agency. It's at it again.

Can We Put These Electronics in Our Favorite Aerobars?

: Zipp is in the catbird seat with its bar-end wireless shifters. Who's paying attention?

SRAM Wireless Aero Shifting Almost Here

: Remember that wireless shifter of SRAM's that made an appearance a year ago? I've had a set for a month; here's the down-low.

Wahoo Speedplay Relaunches Multiple Spindle Lengths

: One of the favored features of "old" Speedplay is again part of the Wahoo Speedplay lineup.

SRAM Blips, and the Future of Wireless Bar-End Shifting

: SRAM has the first two wireless bar end shifter products (one of which is for sale). Will you buy the other one if produced for consumers?

Clues to Shimano's Future Development

: A clue to Shimano's direction is evident in the naming conventions used in today's Dura Ace and Ultegra launches.

Shimano Drops Major Road Group Upgrades

: Dura Ace 9200 and Ultegra 8100 launch today, with 12 speed cassettes, faster shifting, better braking, and lower gearing.

SRAM Launches XPLR, Doubles Down on Single Chain Rings

: It’s a 1x collection pointed toward gravel, but offers intriguing possibilities for tri.

Choosing a Road Bike Groupset

: I just built up a new road bike for myself. This is the thought process that went into the component groupset I chose.

Today's Little Known (But Very Handy) Bike Part

: It didn't take me long before I needed to rely on the in-line hydraulic quick-connect on my new aero road bike.

Are Super-Compact Cranks Here to Stay?

: We investigate the growing number of options for bicycle gearing, including the growing segment of super-compact cranks.

Rival eTap AXS is Geared Toward Affordability

: While still not spare change cheap, SRAM's new feature-packed groupset is priced 25 percent below Force eTap AXS.

Garmin Revamps Pedals, Includes Offroad

: It's all in the spindle. Road and offroad pedal bodies are modular, changeable in fewer than 10 minutes.

Why We Like Longer Pedal Spindles

: There is a less-often-acknowledged reason why longer pedal spindles are favored by certain riders.

Speedplay Reengages With Revamped Lineup

: Wahoo Fitness bought the pedal company 18 months ago, and relaunched the brand today.

SRAM Expands its Expansive Gearing From Force to RED

: A poem should not Mean, but Be. It's sort of like that with the RED eTAP AXS 36T Max.

Formula SpeedLock

: How we all, in triathlon, don't know about this product is a mystery. But I know about it now, and so now will you.

Future of TT Cranks and Chainrings?

: We peer into the past and future of TT cranks and rings - and ponder if this niche product can gain a larger foothold in the market.

Unboxing the FSA PowerBox Carbon

: We get our hands on the latest power meter from FSA, made in conjunction with Power2Max. It uses hollow carbon arms, mated to a +/-2% accuracy power measuring device.

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