Garmin Revamps Pedals, Includes Offroad

: It's all in the spindle. Road and offroad pedal bodies are modular, changeable in fewer than 10 minutes.

Why We Like Longer Pedal Spindles

: There is a less-often-acknowledged reason why longer pedal spindles are favored by certain riders.

Speedplay Reengages With Revamped Lineup

: Wahoo Fitness bought the pedal company 18 months ago, and relaunched the brand today.

SRAM Expands its Expansive Gearing From Force to RED

: A poem should not Mean, but Be. It's sort of like that with the RED eTAP AXS 36T Max.

Formula SpeedLock

: How we all, in triathlon, don't know about this product is a mystery. But I know about it now, and so now will you.

Future of TT Cranks and Chainrings?

: We peer into the past and future of TT cranks and rings - and ponder if this niche product can gain a larger foothold in the market.

Unboxing the FSA PowerBox Carbon

: We get our hands on the latest power meter from FSA, made in conjunction with Power2Max. It uses hollow carbon arms, mated to a +/-2% accuracy power measuring device.

Secrets of Speedplay

: The pedal used by about 40 percent of the top-15 Kona men and women. Why they work; how they work; and how you properly mount them.

Vuka Shift AXS 90

: Zipp has managed truly wireless aerobar shifting. Also, SRAM's Multiclics extend the Zipp system to pursuit bar shifting.

Wahoo Fitness Acquires Speedplay

: In the, "Whaaaat?!" news of the year, the unacquirable company, Speedplay, just joined the Wahooligan posse

Keeping Pace With Your Pedal Preferences

: Your interest in power meter pedals is falling. Or it isn't. Depending on how you interpret our latest poll.

Shimano Unveils GRX, Gravel Groupset Line

: Shimano threw down today, with a gravel-specific suite of components and wheels up and down the price range.

SRAM Force eTap AXS

: Shimano has enjoyed sole ownership of price-reasonable electronic groupsets. SRAM is finally ready to compete.

Major Equipment Changes for Kienle

: One of triathlon's most thoughtful and tech-savvy pros goes 1x and tubeless, and

Shimano 105 R7000: the Workingman’s Groupset

: We look at the latest 105 kit from Shimano and explain why it is the best value 2x groupset, deserving of your attention.

SRAM Semi-Transparent About AXS Future

: “We killed the front derailleur in MTB. It’s gone. It didn’t make us happy.” And more from Ron Ritzler, SRAM's VP and Category Manager.


: AXS is the ecosystem binding all the new electronic products in this family, along with the app that runs it.

SRAM AXS Drive Train

: Here's the meat and taters of AXS: a 12sp cogset, 10-tooth 1st cog, smaller chain ring combos.

A Hub For All Seasons

: It's the Phoenix hub system, a brand new product. Imagine lots of wheels, with 1 or 2 sets of interchangeable inners.

Electronic Road 1x One Step Closer

: Shimano improves the electronic 1x it's not making. Sort of a double negative.

SRAM eTap Hydro Gravel Makeover

: My Litespeed gravel bike went into witness protection, retaining only its DNA. Its new face and identity: Zipp, eTap, hydro.

Do You Need This Feature?

: I find I need very little float in my cleat. But I’m very picky where that float starts and stops. It's one of several critical pedal features.

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