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Welcome to's North American Triathlon Coach Database

837 coaches and counting. This collection of coaches is the most complete and comprehensive selection of triathlon coaches in North America.

Searching the database

Our Advanced Search is very potent, and will help you drill down to that set of coaches conforming to a specific purpose you have in mind.

Browsing the database

You do not need to log in to do this. You'll find a list of coaches in your region by clicking the regional links on the left. Click the (+) sign and the region will expand to expose the individual states. Click on the state to show that list of coaches in it. If you want to see coaches in multiple states, but not those states we've aggregated into the regions you see at left, you may do this via our Advanced Search.

Showing solidarity with your coach

When you see your personal coach listed here, you may click the "I AM COACHED" button. Your User Name will be added to the coaches's list of clients, just like your User Name appends to those races you choose when you build your Slowtwitch Personal Race Calendar. Likewise, your Forum User Profile will show that this is your coach of choice.

How to enter a coach

You must be a registered user to add a coach to the database. There is one common type of registration on Slowtwitch, and if you are registered to post on our Reader Forum you are one of 102,082 who have made a registration, and this means you're able to add coaches to our database.

If you're not registered, the login prompt is to the left of the page, near the top. The registration process is straightforward, easy, and free. It will require you to receive an email and click on a link to complete your registration. All this should take you only a minute or two. Then...

1. Click the ADD A COACH button to begin adding to the database.

2. Once you SUBMIT your coach, you'll also need to CONFIRM your submission via a link at the bottom of the page.

3. Once you successfully add your coach, it will not immediately be visible to you. We must validate the addition on our end before anyone can see it. We do this so that spammers won't use the coach registration as a way to spam our database.

How to edit published information about a coach

Any registered user may edit information for a listing. We will review the full contents of each update before confirming any changes that are made. A list of all editors who have made changes is visible at the bottom of each listing. If an entry has been updated, but those changes have not yet been confirmed, this is evident via a note on the individual page for that particular entry. This is to prevent conflicting updates from occuring simultaneously. If you wish to update an entry with pending changes, please wait until we have had a chance to review those changes first. Someone may have already changed the information you were going to change yourself.

How to comment on a coach

Any registered user may make a comment on a coach listing. These comments are subject to validation by an administrator before being published.

Global coach map

The map below shows the location of all registered Slowtwitch coaches around the globe. You can drag the map, zoom-in, zoom-out, and use any other of the standard Google Maps features. Anywhere you see a red icon, you can click to see the name of that coach and a street address.