HOKA Devotees: Our Shoe is Back!

: It's the reissue of the original (and still the best) Bondi B. This retro issue is for hipsters and "jog walkers". But that won't stop me.

A Lot of You Wanted to Run

: The Annual Slowtwitch 100/100 Challenge ends. You all circled the world 6 times.

A Kona title defense is not on the mind of Dan Plews

: Dan Plews was the top age grouper at the 2018 Ironman World Championships in Kona and it looks like he might walk away - content with what he has achieved to date.

The Track in the Forest

: The 1968 U.S. Olympic Trials track is a remarkable story, if you haven't heard it. This book tells it, along with much more that I didn't know.

The Past and Future of Run Shoe Carbon Plates

: Nike wasn't the first to put a carbon plate in a run shoe. Just the first to make it work. Get ready for more carbon.

Slowtwitch 100/100 Has Record Participation

: Out little beer bet Challenge has ebbed and flowed over the years. This year it's got a record flow.

Run Amok!

: We call them Challenges and the granddaddy is the 100/100. It starts December 15th. Get ready.

Gene Dykes Has Come of Age

: Gene Dykes ran in college, before most Slowtwitchers were born. He's still setting PRs.

The Clifton 5: HOKA Made a Good Shoe Great

: Footwear companies are famous for wrecking a good shoe. In this case, a good shoe keeps getting better.

The Land of Fire and Ice

: Extreme endurance events, like the new Ísland Extreme, embrace challenging conditions and courses.

HOKA Bondi 6

: Odd editions (Bondi 3, 5) are fails. Even editions (2, 4) are wins. Does the Bondi 6 follow the pattern?

Rainy Day in Boston

: A photo gallery showcasing why Boston Tri is good for the sport.

Slowtwitch Limited Edition Team Launch

: Here's a limited edition production of Slowtwitch race apparel, from De Soto.

A Strategic Approach to Non Draft Races

: With Boston Tri on Ben Kanute's racing schedule this weekend, it seemed a fitting time to reflect back and share a few of the strategies he has used in other non draft events.

Do not run away from Chad

: Many triathletes and runners wish for an opportunity to chase down a crook who is fleeing from the law, but for Chad Welford this became a reality last week.

Breaking Down Kanute's Winning Escape

: A deep dive into Ben Kanute's winning effort at Escape From Alcatraz.

Even With Your Shoes On

: How hard can running be? Why not just go out and run? Here's a book for those who find it's not that simple.

Gwen 4th in USATF Half Mary Champs

: "Not super stoked about 4th Place," but she gave as good as she got in her first ever half marathon.

Bermuda's Butterfield is no One-Trick Pony

: Butterfield made the most of his time at the Commonwealth Games on Australia's Gold Coast racing both triathlon and marathon.

This man is inspired and not easily scared

: Jan Kriska recently completed the 1000 mile Iditasport Extreme event in Alaska in 29 days, 20 hours and 20 minutes and he pulled all his gear in a sled along the way.

Inside Ben Kanute's Texas Shootout

: Kanute's Coach Jim Vance provides detailed insight into the young American's training and racing program.

Gwen Takes Next Step, Winning Stanford Invite

: The triathlon gold medalist won in a PR 31:55, with the suggestion there's a lot more in the tank.
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