XLAB, Profile Design Dominate Bike Hydration

: XLAB easily wins rear hydration, narrowly wins front hydration. Pros use more integrated systems than AGers.

Aerobars Used in Kona

: The biggest difference between pro and age group equipment in Kona was the aerobars each cohort chose

Profile Design 43ASC Extensions

: It might be the least expensive of the expensive aerobar systems popping up these days. It's also among the most interesting.

Profile Design's R&D Head David Bowden

: "I saw bars getting treated as an aerodynamic feature rather than a core fitting element. "

Vision TFE Home Brew Forearm Rests

: These garage armrests may violate a stupid UCI rule, but we’re rarely bound by that ruleset

Culprit's DIY Custom Full-Forearm-Support Armrest Kit

: It's a custom, full-forearm, aerobar. But you're a participant in the manufacturing process, not a spectator.

Vision's TFE Pro Extensions On a Regular Tri Bike

: Vision's TFE Pro Extensions are super cool, but they can be mounted on just about any mortal tri bike.

Vision TFE Pro Aerobar Extensions

: We take a close look at the newest aerobar extensions from Vision, the TFE Pro. Made to fit the TFA or SI 013, they feature extra-long arm pads.

CADEX’s Handlebar Gambit

: This brand is riding the wave of Iden, Blummenfelt, and its own boutique engineering.

Vision Metron 6D Integrated Handlebar

: We unbox and analyze what Vision claims to be “The stiffest and most aero integrated handlebar and stem system.”

A Gravel(ish) Handlebar is the New Aero Road Bar

: The riders in the pro peloton who are the most aero dialed are on gravel-inspired road bars.

Zipp QuickView (It’s About Time)

: Yes it’s about time, but also about distance, power, vision, safety, data.

FSA K-Wing AGX: Evolving Bars for Gravel

: FSA continues to expand into gravel, with an ever-expanding line. We look at the carbon K-Wing AGX drop bar.

Profile Design DRV/GMR, Another Peek at the Future

: Like gravel bars made by Zipp, ENVE and 3T, this design motif will inform drop bar design, for gravel and road.

Vision Trimax Carbon SI 013

: Vision adds options for your aero position by process of elimination – of the integrated stem. We check out their latest aerobar.

Cervelo’s P-Series: Slowman’s Build

: Before I returned this bike I wanted to try it out with equipment with which I’m more familiar. Here is Slowman’s build.

Zipp XPLR: Exercise in Simple Function

: It's just a simple gravel handlebar. What's special about? It inexpensively solves a simple but thorny problem. That's it.

The Rise of Riser Drop Bars

: We look in to the relatively new trend of riser drop bars and the bike fit opportunities they provide for road, gravel, and tall riders.

Review: Profile-Design DRV/A bar, 1/ZeroSeven stem, 1/Zero seatpost

: Our tech editor reviews a trio of Profile-Design products - a drop bar, stem, and post using the latest fit expertise and philosophy.

Handlebars: Can We Fix These?

: While we argue over the number of cassette cogs, disc versus rim braking, can we please fix the important stuff? Like handlebars?

Two New Bars: TriRig Alpha One and Culprit Covert Op

: Here are two aerobars on opposite ends of the cost spectrum but sharing similar design imperatives

Zipp's new Vuka Clip

: "Comfort, yes, comfort My people!' says your God." So writes the prophet Isaiah. I concur.

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