FSA K-Wing AGX: Evolving Bars for Gravel

: FSA continues to expand into gravel, with an ever-expanding line. We look at the carbon K-Wing AGX drop bar.

Profile Design DRV/GMR, Another Peek at the Future

: Like gravel bars made by Zipp, ENVE and 3T, this design motif will inform drop bar design, for gravel and road.

Vision Trimax Carbon SI 013

: Vision adds options for your aero position by process of elimination – of the integrated stem. We check out their latest aerobar.

Cervelo’s P-Series: Slowman’s Build

: Before I returned this bike I wanted to try it out with equipment with which I’m more familiar. Here is Slowman’s build.

Zipp XPLR: Exercise in Simple Function

: It's just a simple gravel handlebar. What's special about? It inexpensively solves a simple but thorny problem. That's it.

The Rise of Riser Drop Bars

: We look in to the relatively new trend of riser drop bars and the bike fit opportunities they provide for road, gravel, and tall riders.

Review: Profile-Design DRV/A bar, 1/ZeroSeven stem, 1/Zero seatpost

: Our tech editor reviews a trio of Profile-Design products - a drop bar, stem, and post using the latest fit expertise and philosophy.

Handlebars: Can We Fix These?

: While we argue over the number of cassette cogs, disc versus rim braking, can we please fix the important stuff? Like handlebars?

Two New Bars: TriRig Alpha One and Culprit Covert Op

: Here are two aerobars on opposite ends of the cost spectrum but sharing similar design imperatives

Zipp's new Vuka Clip

: "Comfort, yes, comfort My people!' says your God." So writes the prophet Isaiah. I concur.

PD J5/F40tt: Bicycle Companies, are you listening?

: Profile Design has just come out with new, and industry leading, front-end products for tri. This is important!

Low Profile top caps

: Tall headset top caps are my great while whales. I don't want to eliminate them, just cut them down to size. John Cobb to the rescue.


: There’s a new integrated aerobar on the market for 2014 – the UCI-legal ENVE SES. We take an up-close look at the specs, options, and fit details.

Felt's Newest Aerobar

: Felt has a guerrilla house brand division. It does not wage conventional war. Rather than making a full suite of saddles, handlebars stems, wheels, it picks off an occasional project and usually ...

3 Clip-Ons I Like

: There's a set of imperatives now for clip-ons. At least if I'm going to ride them. There are mandatory functions. Here are some clip-ons that hit the mark, or come darned close.

Zipp Vuka Stealth & Vuka Fit

: We take a look at the new Zipp Vuka Stealth aerobar and their unique fit tool, called Vuka Fit. If you've ever been intimidated by fitting an integrated bar on your bike, this could change your ...

Bontrager Race X Lite Aerobars

: I assembled Trek's Speed Concept 9-Series tri bike last year. I was prepared for the integrated Bontrager aerobar to be a disappointment. I was more than pleasantly surprised.