B&W Intl Bike Box II

: With the advent of the new airline rules for bike travel, expect a surge in bike case purchases. Here's review #1 of the cases you should consider.

Delta Demystified: Yes, Bikes Travel as Checked Bags

: Vague text created confusion for travelers and ticket agents. The word from Delta: Bikes are checked baggage, not charged as oversized.

Making a Cervelo P-Series Your Own

: Bikes are like life partners: There's what you see. And then there's how you'll get along over the long term. Here's real life with a P-Series.

Zipp XPLR: Exercise in Simple Function

: It's just a simple gravel handlebar. What's special about? It inexpensively solves a simple but thorny problem. That's it.

Determining Proper Tire Pressure

: Our Tech Editor continues our series on tire pressure, getting into the details of how to dial in your optimal setting.

Cervelo's Workhorse Tri Bike Gets an Update

: The P5 and P3X are sexy, the P2 pays the rent. Here's the P-Series, the first update in 6 years of the World's favorite tri bike.

Wahoo Kickr Bike: On the Leading Edge of a Hot New Category

: If Peloton's bike had never existed, the new adjustable smart bikes by Tacx, Stages, Wattbike, Wahoo would still have been made.

Tire Pressure and Rolling Resistance

: We dive in to the complicated world of rolling resistance and tire pressure, translating it into some key take-homes.

Wahoo ELEMNT Integrates With Rearview Radar

: Chief complaint of the ELEMNT ROAM: Doesn't integrate with Garmin's Varia Radar. Wahoo cured this omission with its new firmware upgrade.

Keeping Pace With Your Pedal Preferences

: Your interest in power meter pedals is falling. Or it isn't. Depending on how you interpret our latest poll.

Schwalbe's New Pro One and Pro One TT

: This brand has the inside lane on road tubeless. Its new tires have completely closed down the gap owned by tire + latex tube.

Video: Beginner's Guide to Tubeless Installation

: We dive deep in to installation of road tubeless tires. Can it be done without making a mess? Yes!

It’s a VirtuGo-a-Go-Go!

: In today’s indoor training landscape, we have a lot of good options to entertain and train - or as I like to describe it, “entertrain”. In the last few years, we have witnessed the rise of ...

650B Is Fun. Does That Matter?

: I set out to do a comparison of 700C vs 650B wheels and tires in a "controlled" way. What it taught me is the immeasurable importance of fun.

Hooked and Hookless Rim Tech

: Continuing our coverage of road tubeless, our Tech Editor explains the ins and outs of hooked and hookless rim designs.

Tubeless Sealant Tips and Strategy

: We dive into tips and tricks specific to tubeless tire sealant. How do you use it or remove it? How often must you add it? What are the best brands?

Airline Bike Box Fees 2019

: Several airlines have reduced or changed their fees for flying with a bicycle, and we investigated the policies for the major carriers.

Sebastian Kienle On His 2019 Equipment Changes

: Sebi made some non-traditional equipment decisions for 2019. Halfway thru the season, how are they working out?

Tubed and Tubeless Cross-Pollination

: Our Tech Editor explains the differences and commonalities between tubeless and tube-type wheels and tires.

It's Hot, Sunny, Great Riding Outdoors. Translation: How Do I Zwift?

: Late to the Zwift Party? No matter. Let’s get you up to speed right now.

The sweet light ride of a passionate Cervelo fan

: Ben Miller has owned several Cervelo bikes and among them a P2, P3, P4, P5six and most recently a P5X, and he now added a super light P5 Disc to his quiver.

Wahoo Acquires The Sufferfest

: Stationary cult favorite The Sufferfest will become part of Wahoo Fitness's suite of indoor cycling products.
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