It's Game On With Zwift

: Zwift is a game. Or a training tool. It's also a virtual community, like Westworld, except there's real people behind every avatar.

It's Jim Manton, If You Want To Be More ERO

: Our series on the World's Premier Bike Fitters continues with Jim Manton of ERO, based on SoCal.

Zwift: The Deeper Dive

: Zwift is not hard to join; not hard to commence; but it’ll take you a good while to plumb its depths. Let's plumb its (shallow) depths.

Trent Nix: A Bike Fit Oasis in the Southern Plains

: Is Trishop in Plano the only good Metro-Dallas bike fit option? No, but it's among the top half-dozen fit LBSs in the U.S. Here's why.

Overland Triathlon

: Pro triathlete Eric Lagerstrom turned his dream into a reality and created his perfect triathlon.

Past and Future of Carbon Fiber

: In this two-part series, we investigate the applications of carbon fiber over the past 30 years. Have we come as far as we imagined?

Zwift: Welcome to Watopia

: Let’s get Zwift installed and configured using virtual power, so you can ride in the Zwift virtual world easily and without big expense.

ACME Bicycle Company: Ace Fitters

: The first in a series on the best bike fitters local to you. Are you in NYC? These guys are good.

S-Works Shiv Disc

: Specialized is beginning to roll out a new tri bike platform, starting at the very top ($$). Is it a winner?

Was There a Domestique in Kona?

: And, is that okay? Here's what the rules say, and you're crazy if you think this was the first time.

Which Bike Brand Won the Kona Count?

: Year over year? Canyon by a nose (cone). I’ll explain my methodology below.

Auspicious Race Debut For Felt's IA Disc

: In the first time out on her new IA Disc, Felt's star athlete rode 4:26 in Kona. Not a bad start for a new bike model.

An Alohaman Extreme Tour

: Alohaman Extreme delivers a Big Island course for those craving more than the Queen K.

The King of Kona's Canyon

: German Patrick Lange's Canyon Speedmax CF SLX 9.0 LTD armed and ready for action.

BiSaddle ShapeShifter Review

: We review a unique adjustable saddle that’s made in the USA. Could this be answer for those wanting to avoid the process of trying saddle after saddle?

An Aloha Challenge

: A new challenge presented to non racing athletes on the Big Island during race week, a first row seat to the new Alohaman Extreme Triathlon.

Cody Beals' Winning Ride

: Canadian Cody Beals is two wins in two attempts in IRONMAN races aboard his Ventum One.

Are New Cervelo and QR Websites Harbingers of Change?

: Do configurators presage changes in distribution, inventory, accounting, assembly?

Velosense: A Friend to the Field Trialist

: It was the Techiest Slowtwitch-Friendly Gadget at Interbike

The Small Cog Conundrum

: We discuss the growing trend for 9 and 10-tooth cassette cogs, the problems they introduce, and easy solutions to keep you riding happily.

Feelin' Rouvy

: Rouvy is about to join Zwift and others by offering a multi-rider experience

A Hub For All Seasons

: It's the Phoenix hub system, a brand new product. Imagine lots of wheels, with 1 or 2 sets of interchangeable inners.
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