Was There a Domestique in Kona?

: And, is that okay? Here's what the rules say, and you're crazy if you think this was the first time.

Which Bike Brand Won the Kona Count?

: Year over year? Canyon by a nose (cone). I’ll explain my methodology below.

An Alohaman Extreme Tour

: Alohaman Extreme delivers a Big Island course for those craving more than the Queen K.

The King of Kona's Canyon

: German Patrick Lange's Canyon Speedmax CF SLX 9.0 LTD armed and ready for action.

BiSaddle ShapeShifter Review

: We review a unique adjustable saddle that’s made in the USA. Could this be answer for those wanting to avoid the process of trying saddle after saddle?

An Aloha Challenge

: A new challenge presented to non racing athletes on the Big Island during race week, a first row seat to the new Alohaman Extreme Triathlon.

Cody Beals' Winning Ride

: Canadian Cody Beals is two wins in two attempts in IRONMAN races aboard his Ventum One.

Are New Cervelo and QR Websites Harbingers of Change?

: Do configurators presage changes in distribution, inventory, accounting, assembly?

Velosense: A Friend to the Field Trialist

: It was the Techiest Slowtwitch-Friendly Gadget at Interbike

The Small Cog Conundrum

: We discuss the growing trend for 9 and 10-tooth cassette cogs, the problems they introduce, and easy solutions to keep you riding happily.

A Hub For All Seasons

: It's the Phoenix hub system, a brand new product. Imagine lots of wheels, with 1 or 2 sets of interchangeable inners.

Feelin' Rouvy

: Rouvy is about to join Zwift and others by offering a multi-rider experience

Tire Sealant 2018 Update

: We take a fresh look at tire sealants in 2018. Have they developed like we imagined? How do they apply to your needs and your tires? Read on.

Princeton Carbonworks WAKE 6560

: Is this wheel brand worthy of your attention? I rode these wheels up, down, back, and forth, here's what I found.

Disc Brake Primer - Part 2

: This is the second segment of our basic primer on disc brakes for road and triathlon. We dive in to specifics for travel, storage, tools, and more.

Disc Brake Primer - Part 1

: We cover the basics of disc brakes for road and tri. What can you expect? Do they perform well? How must your maintenance routine change?

When Craft Gave Way to Engineering

: I left bike manufacturing in 1999, not a moment too soon. When I started it was hobby-plus. When I exited, it was an industry.

Building a Road Plus Gravel Bike

: We detail the ins and outs of building your very own gravel or “Road Plus” bike. Is it all gravy, or are there still some kinks to be worked out?

The Wunderbar

: What to call it? The Zanzibar? the Abdul-Jabbar? The Threeguyswalkintoabar? It's my new aerobar standard.

Slowtwitch Limited Edition Team Launch

: Here's a limited edition production of Slowtwitch race apparel, from De Soto.

The Marquise of Eric Lambi

: Every now and then we feature cool age grouper bikes and the Dimond Marquise of Eric Lambi is certainly well worth a closer look.

Electronic Road 1x One Step Closer

: Shimano improves the electronic 1x it's not making. Sort of a double negative.
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