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Frodeno's rare Kona double

: After becoming the first man to win Olympic gold and the Ironman World Championship, Jan Frodeno discovered that a Kona repeat is tougher still.

Ryf is ready to rumble

: With top rival Mirinda Carfrae in full health and at top speed, Daniela Ryf is fully recovered from over-racing exhaustion and ready for a duel for the ages.

Rinny is ready for Kona

: Mirinda Carfrae discusses her disappointing DNF last year, her search for a 4th Kona victory and an anticipated showdown with defending champ Daniela Ryf.

It is on for Peter Oom

: Peter Oom is a Swedish athlete who recently partnered up with Faris Al-Sultan at the 2016 ÖtillÖ World Championships, but there is much more to know about him.

When you stumble, you get up again

: American Liz Baker was in a battle for the bronze medal spot at the Paralympics PT5 triathlon event in Rio when she stumbled and fell.

What she was thinking

: Despite a broken hand in March, no 2016 WTS race finishes, and long odds against taking down Gwen Jorgensen, Nicola Spirig made Rio a duel to remember.

Gary Johnson: The Slowtwitch Interview

: Over 16 years ago, Dan Empfield interviewed then-Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico. With Johnson once again in the political spotlight, we decided to reprint that interview.

Andi Böcherer is on a roll

: German Pro Andi Böcherer had an amazing sub-8 duel with Sebastian Kienle in Frankfurt and he chatted with slowtwitch about his 2016 season and what is still to come.

The adventurous life of Maja Tesch

: Maja Tesch won the ÖTILLÖ SwimRun World Championships in 2015, and although going well faster in 2016 she placed 3rd with new partner Bibben Nordblom. But it is not just about the result alone for ...

On point with UltraTri champion Dan Kimball

: American Dan Kimball won the very unique UltraTri event in Sweden this summer and he is constantly on the hunt for new adventures and challenges.

Faris Al-Sultan to race ÖTILLÖ

: Past Ironman Hawaii champion Faris Al-Sultan will zip up his wetsuit and lace up his shoes at ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championships this Monday.

Jonas Colting, The King of ÖTILLÖ

: Sweden's Jonas Colting discusses the early days of ÖTILLÖ, weighs in on Faris and Macca and his other sporting adventures.

Catching up with ÖTILLÖ defending champ Paul Krochak

: The iconic Swedish race ÖTILLÖ Swimrun is a few days away. Canadian Paul Krochak is defending champ and has a new teammate this year.

Gwen Speaks to Slowtwitchers

: I asked this Olympic gold medalist if she could speak to Slowtwitchers. She responded in minutes, and the interview took place 2 days later. That's Gwen.

Jamie Turner on Gwen's "Investments"

: We had a conversation with Gwen Jorgensen's coach, Jamie Turner, a couple of hours after Gwen's gold medal performance in Rio.

Sutton’s take on Spirig’s silver

: After Spirig’s spirited defense of her 2012 Olympic Triathlon gold, coach Brett Sutton speaks of her unconventional preparation and race strategy.

Beers with Starky

: You can depend on Andrew Starkyowicz for two things: to throw down hard on the bike and to throw down hard in an interview. Here's Starky, throwing down hard.

Up close with Susanne Davis

: Susanne Davis is a fast and accomplished triathlete, but it's not all about her. She is also a wife, mother, coach, and the guide for Amy Dixon.

Canyon's Roman Arnold Speaks

: Canyon's Roman Arnold has, via one degree of separation, a particular historic tie to Slowtwitch and its readers. Here he answers questions for Slowtwitchers.

Zaferes talks about Rio selection

: The third slot on the 2016 U.S. women’s Olympic triathlon team was awarded to the obvious choice - Katie Zaferes. She talked to us about the process.

Talking with Zibi Szlufcik

: After grand announcements fizzled (North America, Triple Crown) we asked Zibi Szlufcik easy and tough questions about THECHAMPIONSHIP.

Spencer Smith to coach Ghana

: Three-time ITU World Champion Spencer Smith has signed on to be coach of the Ghana Triathlon Federation starting this week.

The Wildflower Streak

: Jesse Thomas says his six wins in a row at Wildflower is due in large part to luck - and a predilection for tough courses with lots of hills on the bike and run.

Sarah Lyall on Miller Story

: Ms. Lyall is the author of the explosive piece on Julie Miller in the New York Times. She answered questions about the story from the perspective of the Times.

Bakersfield boy makes good

: Jason Middleton evolved from a teenage pro triathlete to adventure racer to private jet charter boss who, with his wife, was moved by personal tragedy to create a charity for grieving parents.

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