A Rocklin Good Time!

Friday last the Slowtwitch Ice Cream Truck pointed north for a pair of shows in NorCal. Here's what transpired...

We do a lot of bike fitting at these things. Here I am remonstrating to or concurring with (I don't know which) a subject (victim) during a fit session.

We had 2 fit bikes going all Sunday long at Rocklin Endurance.

We had 3 fit bikes going all day long at Sports Basement at the Presidio in San Francisco the day before: Two Exit Cycling bikes (shown here and above) and one GURU fit bike. This is what we'll be doing this upcoming Saturday at Bonzai Sports in Wash DC.

Rocklin Endurance begins its Slowtwitch Road Show with a bike ride. As you can see, they get a pretty healthy turnout. This is the part of the crowd that fit into the camera viewport.

There are so many people at this show, with their bikes, a local race director has to come in and set up bike racks.

Every show is a little bit different. Here is the itinerary of the Road Show that took place at Sports Basement.

The Sports Basement stop on the Slowtwitch Road Show tour takes place indoors, but then they have room for it.

We didn't anticipate Powerbreather as part of these Road Shows but it just worked out that way. This new maker of symmetric snorkels appears, sells a lot of snorkels, and invariably leaves with a new stocking retailer (once the retailer sees the success of the product at these events).

Scott will not appear at many Road Shows but in honor of the new Pad X/Y solver they just debuted (which makes it much easier to buy a Plasma Premium!) here they were at the Sports Basement show.

I'm really picky about bars so, when Picky Bars showed I got the chance to try these myself. Yummy. Too yummy I would have thought for a gluten- and dairy-free bar, but, there you go. This is Jesse Thomas' company, that is, Jesse and his wife elite runner Lauren Fleshman.

Speaking of things to eat, we just about always have good food and good beer. Here is some eating going on at the Rocklin show, and Bay Area-based Headlands Brewery supplied beer for both shows.

Most of the Rocklin Endurance show took place outside because the inside was packed.

Here's Jim Felt, riding his eponymous bike on a trainer before the Rocklin show started.

Also at the Rocklin show was a lineup of Cervelo P5Xs. A size run of these puppies is about $50,000 worth of bikes, and they're at most Slowtwitch Road Shows for you to road test. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a long time before you see anything like this at your local shop, so if you want to feel what one of these bikes rides like here's a rare chance.

Also at most Slowtwitch Road Shows is blueseventy. The booth was very busy at the Rocklin show.