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Ironman Men’s Predictions

: Jan Frodeno and Sebastian Kienle will finish 1-2 but everything else is up in the air with many worthy contenders who could upset the applecart.

View from a Pro on USAT Bylaw Changes

: Many constituencies are coming out against the proposed USAT Bylaw changes

USAT Members: Before You Vote

: USA Triathlon annual members ballots in front of them. Here are some things to consider before you vote.

Ignorance Is Bliss

: At the recent USATAGNC in Omaha, one of the vendors was NuMale, a national chain that specializes in testosterone replacement therapy. Triathletes would seem to be their ideal customer. Except for ...

Earn This!

: Gwen is our touchstone, but we must crowdsource the outreach of triathlon on Gwen’s behalf. Gwen’s victory is ours to use or to lose.

Olympic Women’s Triathlon picks

: Will Gwensanity reign in Rio? Will the defending champion arise? Will the Brits, other Americans, a Kiwi, or a Bermudan take gold? Timothy Carlson sets odds.

Men’s Olympic Triathlon picks

: The fifth Olympic Triathlon Men’s contest pits the British against the Spaniards for the win. Odds by Timothy Carlson.

All Doping is Local

: I am less confident today that sports federations take anti-doping seriously than I was a week ago. This is now each sporting federation's gap to close.

Frodeno, Ryf lead fields in Roth

: In 2015 Jan Frodeno and Daniela Ryf grabbed big wins in Frankfurt, Zell am See and Kona and now these 2 amazing athletes lead the fields at the 2016 Datev Challenge Roth.

Saying goodbye to Carl Knutsson

: Sarasota, FL resident Carl Knutsson had a wonderful attitude, an infectious smile and more, but this passionate triathlete is sadly no longer among us.

The Other Woman

: Is USA Triathlon honoring their own stated selection procedure? The disparity between the announcement of the male and female spots after the WTS race in Yokohama has many asking this question.

Ironman: Force for Good?

: The very first thing many early Hawaiian Ironman finishers did was produce a race back home. We were apostles. Is this Ironman spirit still alive today?

Shimano, VeloNews, BRAIN and embargoes

: VeloNews broke a story Shimano didn't want broken. VeloNews claims Shimano threatened to pull its ads, and it published anyway. BRAIN opined in VeloNews' favor. But there's a little more to ...

Hoka: Official Ironman Shoe

: Being the official Ironman shoe did nothing for K Swiss. Will this designation be for Hoka One One what it wasn't for K-Swiss and Newton?

Top Tris - 50 Countries wrap-up

: The best triathletes in the 41st through 50th countries include the best of talent-rich Switzerland and the U.S., pre-uprising Syria, independent Taiwan, and Caribbean jewel Jamaica.

Top Tris - Poland to Sweden

: The 31st through 40th countries with top triathletes include tiny Seychelles off the coast of Africa, the vast expanse of Russia, and southernmost South Africa.

Top Tris - Ireland to New Zealand

: Part 4 includes major power New Zealand, European stalwarts Ireland, Italy, Norway and Poland, tiny Luxembourg and New Caledonia plus one controversial Asian triathlete.

From Denmark to Israel

: Part 3 includes powerhouses Germany and Great Britain, solid European contenders from Denmark, Finland and France, and small but talented entries from Ecuador, Estonia and Israel.

Bermuda to Czech Republic

: From smallest population (Bermuda) to the largest (China); we continue our look at the top triathletes from 50 countries.

Top Triathletes of 50 Countries

: Most greatest triathletes lists are dominated by powerhouses like Australia, Germany, the UK and the U.S. This list picks the single best triathlete from each of 50 countries.

With a heavy heart I say so long

: Just about 9 years ago I started working for slowtwitch.com and it has been a fantastic and memorable ride, but eventually even the best things come to an end.

The Ghost Bike. Thoughts On Loss

: How do you make sense of the senseless? In the wake of Dave Mirra's death, I struggled to comprehend the emptiness I felt. And to understand how those who achieve so much can often feel so inadequate.

Missing the man and the father

: I spent 24 hours with Dave Mirra last April and now that he is no longer among us, I feel terribly sad about the loss of this man, husband and father.

When situations escalate

: It is not uncommon for a cyclist to charge after an aggressive motorist, but that can escalate quickly as a man quickly learned when a gun was pulled on him.

Super frightening acts in traffic

: It is scary enough when you encounter inattentive or otherwise occupied drivers, but it is even more frightening when cars try to mess with you on purpose.

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