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Gerardo Barrios

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Street Address: 15148 Morrison Street
Street Address Two:
City: Sherman Oaks
State: California
Zip/Postal Code: 91403
Phone: 818-674-0787
Fax/Alt Phone:

*************************************** INFO ***************************************

Education: Graduate degree
Certifications: ASCA level 2, USAT level 1
Services: One-on-one swim instruction on pool deck, Online coaching, Regular group swim workouts on pool deck, Regular track or group run workouts in person, TrainingPeaks scheduling


General Info: For triathletes, runners and everyday athletes. Providing personal attention for all levels, from beginner to elite.

At Fortius Coaching you get the experience, expertise, and knowledge from coaches who strive to provide athletes of all levels with the ability to reach their goals. At Fortius Coaching you will become a stronger athlete with personalized coaching with one goal in mind: you.

Our goal is to expand the fitness community through comprehensive coaching in triathlon, swimming, cycling, running and strength training. Fortius offers customized training plans, premier one-on-one coaching and group trainings. Fortius Coaching offers video analysis of swim, bike or run.

Rates & Fees: Go to for details.

Training Camps Offered: Santa Monica Mountains Cycling Camp - February 2016
St. George Training Camp - May 2016
Altitude Training Camp - July 2016

Private Training Camps for individuals or small groups also available.

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