Bike Fit

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Low Profile top caps

: Tall headset top caps are my great while whales. I don't want to eliminate them, just cut them down to size. John Cobb to the rescue.

Trek Fit System

: Trek joins Cannondale, Specialized and Shimano in unveiling its own, dynamic, sexy (tools included) bike fit protocol. Yes, Trek has had a fit school for years. But nothing like this.

Shimano Elbows into Bike Fit

: Make way for Shimano, arguably the largest revenue seller worldwide of bicycle specific stuff. It's entering the world of bike fit in a big way. It's protcol? Well see. But that crank on its fit ...

Fit System Explosion

: It's official: the top-5 bike companies in the world each have a fit system. Not since the advent of the mountain bike have so many bike brands delved into something so not in their wheelhouses.

Tour de Bike Fit

: Read this first, if "tri bike fit" is new to you. It's a guide to the dozens of articles in the bike fit section. The articles are grouped, and we offer our advice about the order in which they ...

Bike positions of pro triathletes

: Ex pro duathlete, and Kuota sales guru, Paul Thomas apprised me of a very interesting experiment he undertook at the most recent Hawaiian Ironman. "I sat on the Queen K Highway as the riders were ...