2011 Ironman Texas Gallery

The weather was chili-pepper hot and steambath humid at the debut of Ironman Texas at The Woodlands. The competition was even hotter as Catriona Morrison broke 9 hours for her second Iron-distance win and Eneko Llanos outdueled Luke Bell and Tim O'Donnell for the win.

All photos © Timothy Carlson

Kelly Williamson ran a race-best 3:04:06 to take second.

Eneko Llanos makes last minute adjustment lit by a miner's light in the dark .

Age groupers spill out into Lake Woodlands for the swim start.

John Flanagan led the swim

Balazs Csoke exits swim.

Luke Bell hung near the front of the chase pack.

Sofie Goos led early on the bike and finished third.

Justin Daerr tears open his special needs bag on the bike. He took 7th.

Jan Raphael leads the chase pack. He finished 4th.

Entertainment along the course.

Eneko Llanos fuels on the bike.

Jan Raphael gulps down water starting the run.

Luke Bell and Eneko Llanos duel for the lead after Chris Lieto dropped out. Llanos won and Bell eventually finished 3rd.

Kim Loeffler posted a 3rd best 3:06 run and finished 6th.

Llanos pursued by O'Donnell at 30km of the run. This was as close as it got.

O'Donnell has a big smile as Mirinda Carfrae greets him at the finish.

Luke Bell took deep satisfaction with his race.,

Catriona Morrison exults in public with her win.

In private, Morrison reveals the pain.

Hillary Biscay offers sympathy to Luke McKenzie after his disappointing day.