Challenge Aruba: Age-Group Race

Eric Wynn was on the ground and in the sky at the inaugural Challenge Aruba event. In addition to a fantastic pro field, many age-groupers opted for a race-cation as well at this Caribbean paradise. Some of the age-groupers had a bit of a palmares, however...

Two-time IRONMAN World Champion Tim DeBoom ran in service as a fine anchor leg on a relay team.

Any guesses which way the wind was blowing?

Support from volunteers is essential. Support from fellow athletes sure does help though.

Nothing like the feeling of crossing the finish line. It's a world unto itself.

Aruba is a small island with a tiny population, but there were still loads of volunteers and spectators.

Yes, it was hot. And yes it was windy. But it's also Aruba. What's not to love?

The magical red carpet, seen from the sky.

Mission accomplished.

Finding somewhere to relax after the race is not an issue. Perhaps the beach?

Or maybe a trip on a sailboat?

Or maybe another bike ride? Nah...

Some people's day got off to a rough start, but the medical team was there to fix them up.

Heather Jackson was one of many pros who came out to support the first year race.

Davide Giardini led for much of the day, but in the end was 9 seconds short of victory.

How much ice did Linsey Corbin want? All of it please!

How tough were the conditions in October in the tropics? Chris McDonald's face tells the story.