Enhanced Race Results: Ironman Wisconsin

Welcome to "Enhanced" Race Results.

I'm Craig - husband, dad, IT geek, BOMOFOP triathlete/runner, Phish fanatic and proud Canadian from Edmonton, Alberta.

Despite being an IT geek, I actually don't have a blog (gasp!) so I host my random little projects at sites.google.com/site/garminpower/

I've always enjoyed slicing and dicing race results with my Excel-fu (which, admittedly, is weak compared to Michael "Pivot Table" Smith's). After sharing my IMC 2010 file, I discovered that others really liked it too so did IMKY by request. After Rappstar generously offered to host the files, it only took a couple PMs for us to come up with the idea of giving them a permanent home here on ST and making it a regular feature.

Enjoy! If you have any feedback (ideas for enhancements, corrections, etc.) you can contact me at craigdharris@slowtwitch.com.

Click the link to download a copy of the MSExcel file Ironman Wisconsin Enhanced Results.

[Editor's Note: we all owe a big thank you to Slowtwitch forum regular CHarris, who was kind enough to let me rope him into this project. Thanks Craig!]