Enhanced Race Results: Taking Requests

After the first edition of our new feature "Enhanced Race Results," I got several requests to use my Excel-fu on previous races. So here is your big chance to have those results worked up. I'll wait about a week or so and then post the top-3 or top-5 most requested results, depending on how many requests I get. You can either send your request to me at craigdharris@slowtwitch.com or post the request in the comments section.

One of the first requests I got was for Ironman St. George, and I've worked that up. You can download the MSExcel file Ironman St. George Enhanced Results. I'm also working on the results for the recent Branson 70.3 but am currently waiting for the final and official results to be posted, so you can leave that off your list of requests.

[Editor's note: many thanks to Craig for taking on even more requests. Keep the amount reasonable, folks; this is not a full-time gig. So no requests for every single year of Kona ever. If anyone is going to make absurd requests like that of Craig, it's going to be me.]