Pedaler's Fork

I’ve been writing about bike retail, it’s future, and its culture. Bikes. Culture.

If cycling, health, good food, good coffee, and a sense of style sounds appealing, you’ll hit the mother lode at Pedaler’s Fork. It’s a farm-to-table restaurant. And a coffee roaster. 10 Speed Coffee, the official coffee of the Amgen Tour of California. And like many of you, this group of culinary gear heads also felt there should be a bike shop attached, so, there is. A Moots concept store.

The complex sits right smack in old Calabasas, the downtown district in an old equestrian motif, like a movie set left over from a Randolph Scott or Roy Rogers western filmed in the 1940s. Pedaler’s Fork was built from the ground up, of reclaimed wood and that fits with the theme of the restaurant and its owners. Produce comes from farms visited by the chef and the owners, and any farm that doesn’t allow a visit doesn’t sell to Pedaler’s Fork. Any meat on the menu comes from grass-feed beef only.

Fortunately, a world class cycling area, proximate to the Santa Monica mountains where the road cycling recalls the Maritime Alps and the offroad riding might be better than in the Maritime Alps, is also close to the Santa Paula Valley, a slice of temperate bottomland perfect for vegetable farms, strawberry fields, and fruit trees.

Pedaler’s Fork is not yet open as of this writing – it’s scheduled to open within a week. I was there for a soft open for SRAM, during a media launch of it’s new True 22 and Hydraulic disk and rim braking systems. All the photos were taken by Jordan Rapp, who is our chief technology officer not a staff photographer, but, he knows how to sling a camera and during the Winter and Spring his billet is in Thousand Oaks, just 10 miles up the road from Calabasas. Plus, Jordan's a marquis SRAM athlete, so he got to see what he'll soon be soon riding.

It's an instant fixture even before it's open for businesses in funky-stylish downtown Calabasas.

The patio is adjacent to the coffee bar, a full bar, the restaurtant, and you can watch SRAM XX1 hung on your Moots hardtail.

The owners also own 10 Speed Coffee, official coffee of the Amgen Tour of California.

They don't just private label someone else's coffee, they do their own roasting.

Tables are set and ready to go for an opening slated for April 22 or thereabouts.

A penny farthing is the highlight of a bike collection hanging from the rafters.

These guys like bikes. In the forefront is an early 80s era Merckx.

Slowman perambulating past the full bar wearing his Suitcase of Courage t from Endurance Conspiracy.

This place is pretty big, with tons of seating inside and out.

One of several dining rooms.

The restaurant is on two floors, with seating both inside and out.

We were a fairly large party for this soft open.

They've got a nice wine cellar.

On your way to the facilities you'll walk past a study in how Moots makes a bike.

Drink margaritas and watch your Moots being assembled.

We were served a 7 course meal.

Monty said, Oh, like a Hard Rock Cafe? But for cyclists? Yeah, but much more upscale.

A morning ride, an afternoon ride, and a good evening meal. A nice way to spend the day.