Rappstar's 4th Annual World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge

It’s that time of the year again! Time for the fourth running of the Rappstar World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge. For those who are not familiar with me or this effort, my name is Jordan Rapp. I am an American professional triathlete that races around the world (and spends a great deal of time swimming, cycling, and running to prepare for these races). I also have a huge desire to give back whenever and whatever I can, and World Bicycle Relief is one of my favorite avenues to do this.

How does the Challenge work? Traditionally, I’ve paired the fundraiser with my race at Ironman Arizona in November. This year, however, I won’t be toeing the start line in Tempe, so I’m running the challenge between my key races at the Leadman 250 Epic in Bend, OR on September 22, and the Ironman World Championship on October 13.

Last year, we raised over $37,000 for WBR. The years before, it was $34,501 and $22,675. This year, we’ve set the lofty goal of $50,250 (375 bikes total). Being a triathlete (like many of you), it’s just not in my nature to set easy goals – and I hope that with your help, we can achieve this one. We could literally change the lives of hundreds of well-deserving folks in rural Africa.

More specifically, the money goes towards bringing bikes to people in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Many are school children who face extremely long commutes – up to nearly 4 hours each way. It also provides the supplies and training of new field mechanics to care for those bikes. Just think, in the same time you complete your marathon portion of the Ironman, these kids are just getting to school. But, unlike you and I, who have a place to rest our feet after the hard day, they’ll have to do it all over again at the end of the day. So, why not take the step and provide a bike by joining World Bicycle Relief and my charity challenge and help give back through the power of bicycles.

As you will see below, many of my sponsors and other supporters have been VERY generous in donating several awards for the challenge. The challenge awards will be done electronically, on a roll-down system. So the first person will get first pick of awards, second place gets second choice, etc.

You can donate ANY amount, but ONLY donations of $134 or more (the cost of one bicycle) will make you eligible to earn some of the great fundraising awards. For every multiple of $134 that you donate, you get another chance at an award. $268 earns you two chances, $402 earns you three, $536 earns you four, etc.

As a way to expand the fundraising, donations made on your behalf will also be tallied towards your total (and then divided by $134). So if you get 10 people to donate $13.40 in honor/recognition of you, then that earns you another chance as well. Anyone donating for you must make a notation in the "Donor Info" section with your name - i.e. Name - "John Doe (for Jordan Rapp)".

To enter the challenge, you can donate online at the URL below. MANY thanks to the Ironman Foundation for building this site for us, and hosting the fundraiser this year!


If you prefer snail-mail, you can send donations to:

World Bicycle Relief
Attn: Development
1333 N. Kingsbury Street
4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60642

Award drawing tickets will be assigned automatically from the donations, so please make sure to give us an email or phone number (or both) where we can reach you.

For my part, I will be donating 10% of my prize money from both Leadman and Kona, rounded up to the nearest whole bicycle amount. For example, in 2009 when I donated 10% from my win at Ironman Arizona, the prize money for that was $8,500. Ten percent of that is $850. $850 divided by $134 is 6.3, so in that case, I rounded up and donated seven bicycles - $938.

You can help me change the world through simple sustainable transportation!

If you want to read more about how your donation helps, check out the World Bicycle Relief Website at WorldBicycleRelief.org .

Thanks for your support!

Jordan "Rappstar" Rapp


Now, what can you get? It's good stuff! Below I've listed each company and what they have provided. I will be updating this list as I collect more items, so please check back to the Slowtwitch home page often.

First Endurance : *FOUR* (separate prizes) $250 gift certificates. Also comes with an initial consult to determine best breakdown of products (bars, gels, etc.). (Total contribution $1000+)

First Endurance integrates the latest clinical research with the input from the best cyclists, runners and triathletes in the world to provide the ultimate endurance-specific sports nutrition. I have personally relied on the First Endurance system of products for all of my Ironman wins. Their complete system of products takes the guesswork out of endurance nutrition for me. The $250 package is a perfect way for you to try a variety of their products.

Zoot : Prize pack - Two pairs of Zoot shoes and a Zoot wetsuit. (MSRP $1000+)

Zoot Sports, a global leader in endurance sports, is 100% focused on providing the athlete with the ultimate in performance apparel, wetzoots, footwear and accessories. For 25 years, we have been pioneering innovative product solutions that cover the athlete from start to finish and head to toe. Zoot continues to draw on its history in the sport and its athletes to deliver the most comprehensive, technologically-advanced and complete multisport product line in the world.

Speedplay : Prize pack - set of stainless Zero pedals, a Speedplay hat or beanie, t-shirt, and socks. (MSRP $200+)

The performance features of the Speedplay Zero Pedal System read like a pro racer’s wish list. No other pedal system comes close to offering the superior adjustability or cutting-edge performance features of the Zero. By thinking "outside the box", we created and patented the most technically advanced pedal system ever, featuring your choice of either a fixed position or up to 15 degrees of micro-adjustable float. Once you compare the features of Zero pedals to any other brand, you'll find that other pedals systems are no match.

(***Upgradeable to titanium spindle at user's expense; user pays only price differential for upgrade.)

SRAM : *TWO* (separate prizes) - SRAM Force complete groupset. Winner's choice road or TT. (MSRP $1499, Total Contribution $3000)

The SRAM Force groupset brought DoubleTap to the world first. Evolutionary improvements mean its focus on professionals who value innovation and thrive at the far end of the cycling spectrum is unwavering. If you want performance and affordability, then SRAM Force products are a great choice to make.

Road groupset includes DoubleTap levers; TT groupset includes R2C shifters, plug-in brake levers, and TT rings (130BCD) if desired. Either group option gets your choice of crank length, chainring size, bottom bracket type, and cassette size.

Highway 12 Winery & Vineyards : *TWO* (separate prizes) – Cases of Highwayman red (MSRP $42 per bottle, $504 per case of 12 – total donation $1,008)

Proprietary from Highway 12 Vineyards and Winery, and cultivated in our Sonoma Valley wine corridor, our 2010 release is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (50%), Cabernet Franc (30%), and Petite Verdot (20%). The composition of this elite ‘Bordeaux-influenced’ blend showcases vibrant berry notes that make way for a rich, lush experience. The core varietals of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc work like a symphony when blended together. You’ll find a dense core and firm, yet inviting tannins with a velvety-soft finish leaving an elegant impression. As we say, even our Man in Black has an elegant side to him - though HIGHWAYMAN remains a bold and robust wine that will age easily for 10 to 15 years.

Frosty Junction : *TWO* (separate prizes) - Full custom bag of any type – transition bag, messenger bag, etc. (MSRP $329+/ea - $658 total)

Their transition bag is designed not only for race-day transitions, but most importantly for the everyday transitions to and from workouts. The bag fits all of the stuff you need for your morning, midday, and evening workouts.

By placing several internal bags inside the transition bag, you can be as organized as you want. Even better, you get to decide how many internal bags you want! Three bags do the trick for many triathletes (one bag each for bike and run gear, and the third for sweaty clothes), but you get to personalize your bag by deciding how many bags you want.

True-Motion: Prize pack - T-Zero Jacket, hoodie, long sleeve t-shirt, polo shirt, t-shirt (MSRP $277)

True-Motion sportswear was founded by a group of four passionate triathletes whose vision was to create casual sportswear that people feel good about wearing. We offer cool styles and comfortable fabrics to embrace the active lifestyle. There are numerous offerings of technical apparel available to today’s athlete, but what do you wear when you are done training and racing? That is how True-Motion was born. We want to be the after race, after training, or just hanging out on a Saturday afternoon brand of choice. So whether you are a fierce competitor, a promising novice, or simply a passionate spectator, off the field/court/roads you’ll look like all three. Be True.

SaltStick: SaltStick Mega-Pack - one each of EVERY SaltStick (dispenser, caps, etc) product plus SaltSick hat. (MSRP $150)

Electrolyte capsules and dispensers powering World Champions. SaltStick Caps are the most comprehensive solid electrolyte source with sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride to minimize muscle cramping and heat stress during training and endurance events. The only electrolyte capsule formulated to closely resemble the electrolyte profile lost in sweat, with a buffered salt composition that helps digestion and absorption. The unique SaltStick capsule dispenser fits inside aerobars, bicycle bars, and on running belts: Keeps capsules clean and dry.

Zipp: 808 Firecrest carbon clincher front wheel + Super-9 carbon clincher rear disc wheel. (MSRP $3,200)

My race wheel set of choice for just about anything non-Kona is the 808 Firecrest carbon clincher front wheel paired with the Super-9 carbon clincher rear disc. If you’ve ever wanted to try the same wheel combination, this is your big chance.

The 808 changed perceptions about deep-section wheels. At first, its 81mm-deep profile appeared only in time trials and triathlons. And sure enough, its early incarnations netted numerous Grand Tour stage wins and Kona IM world championships.

The Super-9 disc excels in races won on full-throttle power. Intended for time trials, track racing, and the occasional Tour de France prologue, the Super-9 is stiffer than the 900 disc and matches the Sub-9’s remarkable ability to generate forward lift when paired with the Tangente tire.

Road ID: SIX (separate prizes) $50 Road ID gift cards/shopping sprees (MSRP 6x$50 = $300 total)

Road ID manufactures the premier line of rugged identification gear for outdoor athletes so they can be identified in case of emergency or accident. Each Road ID is designed to give First Responders the information they need to immediately contact family members, access medical information and prevent serious delays in case of injury.

The company’s line of customized IDs is an integral part of any active person’s gear and can be worn on the wrist, shoe, ankle, or around the neck. A full line of innovative ID products is available for cyclists, runners, triathletes, skiers, kayakers and other outdoor enthusiasts. For more information, check us out at www.RoadID.com.

Garrett Higney: Specialized Tarmac SL4 dream bike with SRAM Red and Zipp wheels. (MSRP $10,000)

If there is one prize that knocked my socks off more than any other this year – it’s this. Garrett Higney is one of the top fundraisers for World Bicycle Relief. He’s also 14 years old. In 2011, he was the top fundraiser for the Wrigley Field Road Tour 100 mile ride (which supports WBR). It was his first ever 100-mile ride. For his efforts, he was awarded a decked out Specialized Tarmac with SRAM components and Zipp 101 wheels.

In 2012, Garrett was yet again the top fundraiser for this event, raising over $20,000. He was again set to receive a fully loaded Specialized Tarmac SL4 with SRAM Red and Zipp 101 clincher wheels. However, since he already had a bike (from the previous year), Garrett decided to donate the bike back in to my fundraiser – without ever taking delivery of it himself. That’s right – he’s repurposing a $10,000 bike for another WBR fundraiser.

Given that the bike will be going to a new owner, none of the sizing is set in stone. The winner of this bike will get to pick the frame size, crank length, stem length, handlebar width, etc.