Rappstar's Ironman Arizona Charity Challenge: Part Deux

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. As of this writing, we are at just over $16,000 raised for World Bicycle Relief. But we're not done yet. I have some exciting news to share. About halfway through the raffle, we found out that an anonymous donor has agreed to match ALL gifts to WBR up to $1,000,000 (yes, that is the right number of zeros). So my new goal is to raise another $7,500. That sets a target of $22,500. But if we meet that, we'll have raised enough to sponsor THREE schools with the matching gifts. We already have one school taken care of. And it's really two with the matching funds. So let's add a third.

To sweeten the incentive, I have a host of new prizes to give away. Because of the late prize notice - and the amazing volume of prizes - I've decided to extend the raffle one more week. So we'll end it Sunday, Nov. 29 (well really Monday morning when I wake up and start sorting the prizes).

Remember, you can donate ANY amount, but ONLY donations of $134 (the cost of one bicycle) will get you a raffle "ticket." For every multiple of $134 that you donate, you get another entry into the raffle. $268 buys you two tickets, $402 buys you three, $536 buys you four, etc.

To enter the raffle, you can donate online at grassroots.kintera.org/Active/Rappstar or if you want to snail-mail, you can do that to:
World Bicycle Relief
Attn: Katie Bolling (Rappstar Raffle)
1333 Kingsbury Street
4th floor
Chicago, IL 60642

Raffle tickets will be assigned automatically from the donations, so please make sure to give us an email or phone number (or both) that we can reach you at.

And now onto the new prizes...

Specialized has donated two prizes - a MEDIUM (only medium, no swapping frame sizes) Specialized Transition Expert frame, fork, seatpost and saddle and a set of Roval Fusee Star wheels (separate prizes)

Specialized Bicycles was founded in 1974 by riders for riders. Headquartered in Morgan Hill, California, with global distribution, the company focuses on making everyone’s time on a bike better by delivering functional and technically advanced equipment that provides a performance benefit.

NormaTec MVP prize pack: one month rental of the NormaTec MVP recovery system. (MSRP $500)

The NormaTec MVP ("Most Valuable Pump") Sports Medicine Technology was created from the successful collaboration of physicians and athletes. The NormaTec MVP has become the treatment modality of choice for athletic trainers around the country. Top Pro and College teams, the U.S. Navy SEALS, the Garmin-Chipotle Pro Cycling team, and other serious athletes seeking the best recovery tool are among those already incorporating the MVP into their daily protocols.

Speedplay prize pack: set of chrome-moly Zero pedals, a Speedplay hat or beanie, t-shirt, and socks

The performance features of the Speedplay Zero Pedal System read like a pro racer’s wish list. No other pedal system comes close to offering the superior adjustability or cutting-edge performance features of the Zero. By thinking "outside the box", we created and patented the most technically advanced pedal system ever, featuring your choice of either a fixed position or up to 15 degrees of micro-adjustable float. Once you compare the features of Zero pedals to any other brand, you'll find that other pedals systems are no match.

Orca Books and Simon Whitfield have donated 100 copies of his new book "Simon Says Gold" that will go to the first 100 people who gave (or give, we aren't at 100 people yet) $134 or more. (MSRP $14 = $1400 total)

Orca is a publisher of quality, award-winning books for children and teens and reluctant readers of all ages. From beautifully illustrated picturebooks through captivating juvenile fiction and compelling novels for teen readers to professionally-written teachers' guides, Orca is dedicated to bringing the best possible books to young readers.

Scott Williford of The Mansfield Group prize pack: Giro Ionos helmet, Giro Advantage helmet, and Giro Filter sunglasses. (MSRP $575)

Scott wanted to share, "I am a sales rep in the cycling industry. I have spent my entire life in love with bicycles. I can still remember the first time I looked back and realized that my dad wasn't holding the back of the saddle anymore! To me, the bicycle represents an incredible freedom. As a kid, it represented the first time I could really cover some ground on my own. As I get older, it represents a break from my hectic daily life, an opportunity to feed my soul with a breath of fresh air. It even represented a way to make a living doing something I am passionate about. Giving to World Bicycle Relief is an easy decision for me, I think it is incredible that there is an organization out there whose main goal is to spread that sense of freedom that has meant so much to me. Less than $150 to change someone's life by providing them with a bicycle, what a great deal!"

Highway 12 Winery & Vineyards TWO (separate prizes) mixed cases of wines hand selected by founder Michael Sebastiani (MSRP - $268 per case = $536 total)

Founded in 2003, Highway 12 Winery was inspired by the agricultural abundance of this region and the winemaking legacy that has evolved.

From the beginning it’s been our goal to create wines of Sonoma Valley and Carneros in the proud tradition of each of those famed growing regions. We realize our very name comes with responsibility in that we share this corridor and its persona with a multitude of vineyards and wineries. For that reason, honoring the agricultural traditions and preserving the region’s reputation for quality guide our every step.

For those people wondering what this money is going to, I encourage you to watch the video below.