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The State of doping in triathlon

: As doping scandals savage the sport of cycling, and track & field reels from a positive test by a world record holder, many triathletes wonder about the state of drug use in their sport.

A Global Warming Reading List

: "What does global warming have to do with triathlon?" you might ask.

When commerce and governments collide

: It didn’t take Skip Gilbert long. For the first time in 16 years USA Triathlon’s board of directors has approved a deficit budget.

Are objects in USAT's rear view mirror closer than they appear?

: Though competition is not always healthy in the short term, the market works itself out in the fullness of time.

The Curious Case of Bicycle Sports

: This is not an obituary. John Cobb’s Bicycle Sports is still in business.

The Art of Product Management

: Yes, your favorite companies' product managers were all over in Taipei working on next year's bikes. They're working hard, no-doubt, but are they designing and spec'ing good bikes?

The bike biz

: With Interbike right around the corner I thought I'd write a bit about how the bike business works—not everything about it, but the nuts and bolts of how a bike gets from the "paper napkin sketch" ...

The trademark

: One would be hard-pressed to come up with an industry, activity or economy in which one single trademark is more powerful or over-arching than in triathlon, and the trade name is Ironman.

Rise and fall of a triathlon series

: Races are hard to produce. The bigger the race, the bigger the headache; the greater the expense; the more hand-wringing the stress; the more sleep-depriving the risk.

The Superform

: Yet again (as happens about every 18-months) someone asks about the beginnings of the bike technology that has make our sport unique. I thought I'd answer the question here, and with some photo ...

Carb-Boom Palomar Challenge

: On the same day the men's Olympic triathlon was contested a group of fifteen or so cyclists started up San Diego's Palomar Mountain.

Are Pro Triathletes Getting Stepped on? Or are They Getting Their Just Desserts?

: Give Scott Tinley the task of beating up on a gaggle of pro triathletes on the race course and he's more than capable. Ask him to organize those same professionals into a union that will represent ...

The Irresistible Force Meets the Immovable Object, Spencer Smith and the ITU

: The amount of 19-norandrosterone present in Smith's urine, reportedly calculated by UCLA's drug lab at an estimated 11 nanograms per milliliter, is above, according to most involved in the drug ...

Frank Day recalls Ironman 1978

: 15 people in the world can say that they have taken part in the very first Ironman triathlon in Hawaii, but only 12 can say that they finished the event. Slowtwitcher and Power Crank inventor Frank ...

The first Kona Ironman: A retrospective blog (Part III)

: The final entry of Monty's retrospective blog, recounting the first-ever Hawaiian Ironman contested on the Kona course.

The first Kona Ironman: A retrospective blog (Part II)

: Monty's 1981 Kona retrospective continues with the lead up to the starting gun.

The first Kona Ironman: A retrospective blog (Part I)

: Mark "Monty" Montgomery competed in Kona's first Ironman, in 1981. His story parallels that of many of triathlon's pioneers. Here is Part I of his "blog" (26 years after the fact) recounting Kona's ...

2007 Interbike Preview

: Interbike sneaks up on us every year. This year we snuck up on it.

Skip Gilbert interview


Mark Sisson says training is no guarantee of health.

: You can race fast, and you can live long, but are achieving both goals a reasonable expectation?

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