Watts Up in Watopia: Ride with Jeremiah Bishop and New Roads

We've got a bunch of interesting things to cover in the virtual world this morning as Zwifters will have opportunities to ride with one of Canyon's featured pros and a bunch of new tarmac in the coming weeks.

Ride with Jeremiah Bishop

Canyon athlete and pro mountain biker Jeremiah Bishop is our guest ride leader for this week's Tuesday Structured Training ride! Jeremiah's bringing us to the dirt of Watopia's Jungle Circuit. Spend some money in the Drop Shop on a Grail or Inflite to help speed up the group -- although we will keep everyone banded together, every watt helps! This week's workout is a favorite of Jeremiah's -- the aptly named Criss Cross Intervals will keep you working for a bit.

Be sure to join us this Tuesday night at 7 PM Eastern. And for a full look at the Slowtwitch Indoors ride and run calendar, head here.

Let's Go to France!

Thanks to the virtual Tour de France, we're seeing our first new roads added to Zwift in a while. There are actually two separate new worlds coming: France, which can call the new Ven-Top route it's crown jewel, and Paris, which will feature the famed cobbles of the Champs-Elysées.

Now, you can't hit these roads quite yet. The planned release schedule sees the virtual TdF races taking place, followed by "explore" events of those stages every two hours afterwards. Once the full route is completed, Zwift confirms that these routes will be available for free-riding. You can be sure that we'll be featuring some of these routes during our Slowtwitch Indoors events in July and August.

We'll see you in Watopia!