Spend Time With the Fam!

We’ve got a little something special this week. Yes, we’ll have our regular 4 rides, and our 4 runs, all on the Zwift schedule of Slowtwitch runs. But!... This Friday we’ll have a special 9th run, and if you can make this one it’s going to be something special.

As you may know, two-time Olympian (Steeplechase) Anthony Famiglietti did something pretty special a month and a half ago. He ran a 3:55 mile on a treadmill. “Fam” is coming to the Endurance Exchange conference, and on Friday, 12:30pm MST, he’s going to do that big bad treadmill run again, however this time he's noodling running 2 miles. What Fam had at his last event was an in-person crowd. But he didn’t have an in-Game crowd, and I thought that would be cool. So…

We’re going to have a run go off at 12:15pm MST, it’s 4.5 miles, and it’s going to happen at May Field. This is Zwift’s new running track, and I’ve been spending a lot of time there myself lately. You’ll see a pic I took of May Field below.

We’ll begin running, and Fam will be warming up. You, me, we’ll all run whatever pace we each want. There’s a lot of people who run on May Field, and the most I’ve counted on a straightaway at one time is 15, I’d say 30 or 40 people are running on that track most of the time. It’s a great place to run!

There’ll be the in-Game audience (us, wherever we are in the world) and If Fam runs 2 miles, at the pace I expect him to, then you’ll be able to give him a Ride-on several times during this run. I hope I see a sea of Ride-ons all over the screen! I’m pretty sure nobody has ever been pushed to a special effort with both an in-person and an in-Game audience cheering him or her on, so, let’s see what that looks like, shall we?

In other news, there’s a new Slowtwitch kit that just debuted, maybe you saw it. (Rode in it.) This is actually the new kit De Soto made for Slowtwitch; perhaps you had a chance to buy it last year; if you didn’t we’ll see if we can get that offer up and running again for this season.

On that run-with-Famiglietti event, you can join that event here or via our Zwift Widget on our Reader Forum. Just remember, we never actually schedule stuff MST. Do the calc in your head. that's 11:15am PST, and whatever it is in other time zones.