The Jewel in Racermate's Crown Up for Sale

Before Wahoo, before direct drive trainers, smart trainers, or Zwift, or TrainerRoad or Sufferfest, there was Computrainer.

Stretching all the way back to the 1980s, Computrainer was the stationary trainer that was a generation ahead of everything else. But the next generation caught up, and Computrainer found itself pressured by wireless, better graphics, direct drive, real time community.

Computrainer still remained a favorite of spin and ride studios because you just... couldn't... break the darned thing. But for home use Tacx, Wahoo, CycleOps and others swarmed Computrainer, and Wahoo's Kickr has become a studio favorite.

So, Racermate reluctantly pulled the plug, said its goodbyes, and liquidated.

And then I got a phone call from its founder and owner, Chuck Wurster, which was a pleasure because I have a lot of affection for Chuck - as do you if you've been to the Chicago Triathlon, Interbike, Ironman, or any of the places we've seen Chuck over the past 30 years. Turns out Velotron was still going. But alas, it's on the sales block as well.

Velotron is for some the boutique, luxury indoor trainer because, while it costs, there is very little to match the feel and arguably the unparalleled accuracy of it. But the major market is educational institutions, and more Velotrons are sold than you might think (I was certainly surprised!).

Velotron, the brand and the company, must be sold and delivered to its new owner by July, because that's when the lease is up. If interested parties contact me (you can find me on our Reader Forum), I'll relay your interest to Chuck.