This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: All About the Hills

Head to the Drop Shop and pick up the lightest equipment you can find. We're heading for the hills for most of our rides on Slowtwitch Indoors this week.

Ride of the Valkyries
Our women's only structured training ride will head to Watopia for a trip around Sand and Sequoias. This week's workout is the aptly named "Race Day," featuring short bursts of high power followed immediately by some threshold work. As always, if you find the the ride to be a bit too caliente for your taste, you can always use the Zwift Companion app to turn down the bias. For more details on how to do that, read this article.

Slowtwitch Structured Training
Our original Slowtwitch Indoors event is headed to New York City. We'll be on board the Knickerbocker route for this one. The workout is "Over Ones," featuring a steady ramp up in intensity until the final few minutes before the cooldown. Be ready: having ridden this workout before, those last few minutes are not for the faint of heart!

Rise and Grind
Let's call this one the Turkey's Revenge. On Thanksgiving morning, brace yourself for the Bologna TT course. Groups will stick together until the base of the final climb; beacons and sweepers will hold a steady effort and will otherwise let people fly. Look to regroup on the descent and ride back to the start, then do it all over again. The B group should be able to make two full ascents in time. Be sure to register for the correct group: fences will be activated during the flats to avoid incorrectly categorized riders from blowing up their respective groups.

Hilly Vanilli
Our weekly chase format event is headed to Yorkshire for the Royal Pump Room 8. Because of the undulating terrain, it will take plenty of teamwork in order to hit the finish line first. As always, the Ds are riding for 70 minutes, the Cs for 65, and the Bs go for 60 minutes of full throttle work.

What's Coming Next Month
Starting next week, you'll be seeing some weekly runs as part of our 100/100 Challenge. We're also looking at revisiting some classic routes and workouts in order to push through the first half of the 60 Days of Darkness. See you in Watopia!