This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: Go Fast, Take Chances

We're about 10 days off the back of Endurance Exchange, the largest gathering of industry stakeholders in our sport. Race directors, retailers, coaches, manufacturers, clubs, and brands all came together to learn lessons from presenters and each other.

We all also had the pleasure of watching Anthony Famiglietti test his hand at the American record for the 2-mile on board a treadmill. After finally finding a treadmill that could hold pace (which, even that required a remote hack from Woodway HQ to allow it to run 15+ MPH), Famiglietti took to the treadmill at Saturday's lunch to give it his best.

Famiglietti's final time of 8:25 (including a negative split) came up short of the record. But given his tenacious attitude with all of the fits and starts that came along with it, we can't help but be inspired. With that in mind, we're challenging everybody on our Slowtwitch events this week to push a little further outside of their comfort zone.

Slowtwitch 100/100 Challenge Support Runs

We are quickly approaching the end of our 100/100 Challenge. We won't stop having runs at the end, though -- we'll just start changing what types of paces and workouts you see within a given event. This week, all of our runs still track within the 4 Watopia run-only circuits. Next week, we will begin traversing some of the New York City options for a nice change of scenery.

Run Times
Monday, 7 PM Eastern
Wednesday, 7 AM Eastern
Wednesday, 7 PM Eastern

Slowtwitch Indoors Rides

We're going through a few of the greatest hits this week for our Slowtwitch Rides; as requested by some of our various ride leaders and frequent attendees, we're using some of our favorite workouts and routes to keep you entertained. We promise: it's not Groundhog Day, despite Bill Murray's new Jeep commercial.

Ride of the Valkyries
Our women's only ride heads to a favorite circuit of one of our ride leaders: the infamous Watopia Jungle Circuit. The no-drop, rubber-banded ride still has plenty of "Go, Go, Go" in it, as that's the title of this week's workout. You're permitted to groan at the prior sentence now. This all said, this is a strong ride with plenty of strong women. Get your coffee and get pedaling!

Tuesday Structured Training
Our other no-drop event, Tuesday night's ride heads to Watopia's Dust in the Wind (which, incidentally, also includes the Jungle). The workout "Highs and Lows," much like the circuit, features plenty of peaks and valleys. Be sure your FTP is accurate before attempting.

Rise and Grind
Hi ho, it's to the Innsbruckring we go! This favorite of the Thursday morning crowd always gets the blood pumping. We'll usually take the first lap together before giving the sprint a chance and regrouping. A reminder that fences will be on (with the exception of the sprint and the final few minutes) and that leaders will look to average, over the course of the ride, the median of the w/KG range for the group you sign up for. Also, a reminder that although we do have designated sweepers, unless you call out for a wheel, you will likely get left behind.

Hilly Vanilli
The Innsbruckring is so nice, we had to do it twice this Thursday. Our chase format ride will also take to this course, which will suit the punchier members of the B and C groups. As always, our Ds will ride 70 minutes, the Cs 65, and the Bs 60, with the goal of completing roughly the same amount of distance by the end of the ride. Work together and have fun!