This Week on Slowtwitch Indoors: To the Top!

As we continue to socially distance ourselves and reckon with the certainty that the first half of the outdoor racing season is disappearing before our eyes, we're continuing to ramp things up here for Slowtwitch Indoors. This week, we resume our Monday runs (with one already in the books by the time this publishes), and our rides feature some of the biggest climbs that Zwift has to offer.

Slowtwitch Indoors Runs

We continue to base all of our runs out of May Field. This ensures that we all stick somewhat together, no matter the pace, and that we can engage with one another (and most of the other folks who use Zwift run). We now offer you 4 opportunities to run: 7 AM or 7 PM Eastern, Monday and Wednesday. If you're looking for an easy way to get on Zwift run, the RUNN Wireless Sensor is looking like your best bet. We'll slowly but surely add some more structure to these -- but for now, boot up the Companion app and chat with your fellow runners to get your social connection fix.

Slowtwitch Indoors Rides

Ride of the Valkyries
Our women's only training ride gets the most mixed terrain of the week. The structured group training ride heads to Sand and Sequioas for 60 minutes of fun. We've knocked the intensity down slightly from some of the past weeks, this time going with "Over Ones" for the workout. Just keep the pedals moving and you'll stay banded with the group.

Tuesday Structured Training
Our original ride goes back to its original name; consider the change my New Coke moment. At any rate, we go to Yorkshire for the Royal Pump Room 8 course. We usually save that gem for the structured training events as, well, without the rubber-band it's darn near impossible to keep everybody together. Keep pedaling, make sure your FTP is set correctly, and get to it.

Rise & Grind
Our Thursday morning ride is heading for Zwift's largest mountain. Road to Sky is our adventure for this week. Be prepared to stick around for some bonus time if you're looking to reach the top. Ride leaders will likely be in the upper end of their w/KG range, and any sweeping will just be a second group on the road.

Hilly Vanilli Chase
Our last ride of the week heads to a lesser-known course in Watopia: the Magnificent 8. This course is more rolling than anything else, featuring a reverse trip up the hilly KOM. As always, groups depart 5 minutes apart from one another. Work together, utilize the draft, and have plenty of fun together.