Zwift Route Maps: New York

Zwift includes a wide variety of routes in several worlds, and this gallery provides a collection of maps for the different routes in the New York world.

The following table and gallery provide more details on each route. For each map listed in the table below, we include the lead-in distance and elevation gain, if we know it (we’re in the process of riding all of these routes, so check back for updates). The lead-in is the ride to the beginning of the circuit, so you're not surprised when it takes a bit longer than you thought it would to cover the expected distance.

Once you complete a route, you will get an Achievement Badge for the route and earn Experience Points (XP), in addition to the XP you earn for each mile of the route.

New York Routes





Astoria Line 8TBDTBD7.2462230
Everything BagelTBDTBD21.41788690
Grand Central CircuitTBDTBD4.3469140
Knickerbocker ReverseTBDTBD14.01194TBD
Lady LibertyTBDTBD7.7672TBD
Mighty MetropolitanTBDTBD12.51040TBD
Park Perimeter LoopTBDTBD6.1410190
Rising EmpireTBDTBD12.91233TBD
The 6 Train0.4184.0223130
The Highline3.24256.5583210

New York World Hack

If you want to ride New York whenever you like, there is a hack that is described in the main article in this series. For New York, use world code 4:


Astoria Line 8

Length (miles): 7.2
Elevation Gain (feet): 462
XP (Experience Points) Earned: 230

Everything Bagel

Length (miles): 21.4
Elevation Gain (feet): 1788
XP (Experience Points) Earned: 690

Grand Central Circuit

Length (miles): 4.3
Elevation Gain (feet): 469
XP (Experience Points) Earned: 140


Length (miles): 14.0
Elevation Gain (feet): 1194
XP (Experience Points) Earned: 450

Knickerbocker Reverse

Length (miles): 14.0
Elevation Gain (feet): 1194
XP (Experience Points) Earned: 450

Lady Liberty

Length (miles): 7.7
Elevation Gain (feet): 672
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD

Mighty Metropolitan

Length (miles): 12.5
Elevation Gain (feet): 1040
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD

Park Perimeter Loop

Length (miles): 6.1
Elevation Gain (feet): 410
XP (Experience Points) Earned: 190

Rising Empire

Length (miles): 12.9
Elevation Gain (feet): 1233
XP (Experience Points) Earned: TBD

The 6 Train

Length (miles): 4.0
Elevation Gain (feet): 223
XP (Experience Points) Earned: 130

The 6 Train is short and relatively flat, with a couple short climbs all at ground level within Central Park. After a .4 mile mostly downhill lead-in, you'll be treated to a mostly flat ride with one short 10% grade climb and a couple of other more gentle, short climbs. This is a fun one if you want to complete the route but only have 20-30 minutes to ride.

The Highline

Length (miles): 6.5
Elevation Gain (feet): 583
XP (Experience Points) Earned: 210

The Highline might surprise you a bit - the lead-in to the circuit is pretty brutal, as it will take you up the New York KOM - the end of which is the start and end of the Highline route. So, be ready to do the New York KOM twice and an actual total distance of 9.7 miles with 1008 feet of elevation gain!