Zwift Route Maps: Yorkshire

Updated 5/6/2020 to improve the route information table and provide additional information on each route.

Zwift includes a wide variety of routes in several worlds, and this gallery provides a collection of maps for the different routes in the Yorkshire world.

Yorkshire was added to Zwift in September 2019 and is based on the route used for the 2019 UCI Worlds in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. The UCI Worlds circuit has been turned into 5 routes ranging from 1.9 miles (3 km) to 17.2 miles (27.7 km) with some moderate climbing.

The following table and gallery provide more details on each route. We’re in the process of riding all of these routes, so check back for updates. Most routes in Zwift have some sort of lead-in - the lead-in is the ride to the beginning of the circuit, so don't be surprised when it takes a bit longer than you thought it would to cover the expected distance.

Once you complete a route, you will get an Achievement Badge for the route and earn bonus Experience Points (XP) in addition to the XP you earn for covering the distance of the route.

Yorkshire Routes


(miles / km)
(feet / m)


2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit8.6 / 13.8803 / 2451.77%270
Duchy Estate1.9 / 3.0131 / 401.31%60
Queen’s Highway1.9 / 3.0131 / 401.31%60
Royal Pump Room 817.2 / 27.71607 / 4901.77%550
Tour Of Tewit Well6.8 / 10.9669 / 2041.86%210

Yorkshire World Hack

If you want to ride Yorkshire whenever you like, there is a hack that is described in the main article in this series. For Yorkshire, use world code 7:


Yorkshire Maps

2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit

Length: 8.6 miles / 13.8 km
Elevation Gain: 803 feet / 245 m
Average Grade: 1.77%
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 270

This route, as the name implies follows the 2019 UCI Worlds route. You'll start out on A61 just north of Tewit Well, turning east towards the Royal Pump room and make a short loop in the streets of Harrogate. You'll pass the Royal Pump room a second time and then head out into the Yorkshire countryside for a longer loop before returning to the start point.

Duchy Estate

Length: 1.9 miles / 3.0 km
Elevation Gain: 131 feet / 40 m
Average Grade: 1.31%
Bonus XP (Experience Points) 60

Duchy Estate makes use of the short northern part of the UCI Worlds circuit, staying within central Harrogate for the entire route. There is a short lead-in, and the route is relatively flat, as far as Yorkshire goes. Keep your eyes open for the Royal Pump Room and enjoy the sights of Millionaires' Row.

Queen's Highway

Length: 1.9 miles / 3.0 km
Elevation Gain: 131 feet / 40 m
Average Grade: 1.31%
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 60

The Queen's Highway route is based on the same portion of the Harrogate circuit, but in reverse. It has a slightly longer lead-in, but otherwise nets out to be the same distance, elevation gain, and average grade.

Royal Pump Room 8

Length: 17.2 miles / 27.7 km
Elevation Gain: 1607 feet / 490 m
Average Grade: 1.77%
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 550

The Royal Pump Room 8 utilizes the entire UCI Worlds circuit, but in a figure 8 configuration allowing you to cover the entire route in both directions, and effectively doubling the distance of the UCI Worlds circuit. This is currently the longest route in the Yorkshire world.

Tour Of Tewit Well

Length: 6.8 miles / 10.9 km
Elevation Gain: 669 feet / 204 m
Average Grade: 1.86%
Bonus XP (Experience Points): 210

This route makes use of the longer southern portion of the UCI Worlds route, bypassing the short northern part of the circuit in central Harrogate and getting you out into the Yorkshire countryside. If you're looking for Tewit Well, you'll come close to it towards the end of the route, but the route doesn't actually take you past it.