2014 Kona age group impressions

Age groupers make up the bulk of the GoPro Ironman World Championships field and here is a selection of images from the annual big day in Kona.

The Aussie Team PIS crew knows how to have fun and encourage the athletes along the way. They are often found on Kuakini during the run.

Samantha Morrison looked confident in the morning and backed it up with a dominating win in the F18-24 category. Her 9:57:24 would have put her in the top 10 of M18-24 too.

73-year old Peggy McDowell-Cramer is very well liked, and always is willing to help out others, but she did not have the day she wanted.

We noticed Aussie Isaac Tonello during the bike check-in and he will be part of a random age grouper interview. He finished Kona in 9:52:50.

Cervelo tech guy Jakub Macel is a fast athlete in his own right and had a 10:15:02 day.

As the Pros are lined up already for the swim start, the age group men await the signal to get into the water.

On the way to Hawi some age groupers had already hunted down many of the Pro women. Brazilian Bruno Fregolente Lazoretti swam 53:50, biked 5:03:25 and ran 3:33:12 for a 9:35:34 total time.

There are no times available for French age grouper Frederic Schaffner, but he was well up there.

Slowly the flood gates of age groupers opened and they started to come in droves.

Aussie Adriel Young on the way to 9th place in M25-29 with a 9:23:37.

Fellow Aussie Aaron Williams was not far behind on the bike but dropped back on the run. But he still managed to go 9:55:27.

American Timothy Clarke of QT2 moved on up after the bike with a 3:01:06 run.

With Maik Twelsiek and Sebastian Kienle leading the Pro field back into town, the age groupers still steadily streamed towards Hawi.

Brit James Gilfillan was the first age grouper we noticed on Ali'i Drive. He ended up going sub-9 hours, but that was only good enough for second place in M35-39.

Age grouper Pierre-Yves Gigou from Canada runs side by side with German Pro Julia Gajer. His final time was 9:06:21.

Aussie Levi Maxwell was heavily favored to win the M25-29 age group and delivered. He swam 1:01:40, biked 4:52:00 and ran 2:54:17 for a 8:52:14.

Team Every Man Jack was well represented and American Ritch Viola stormed here towards the first place in M40-44 with a 9:09:51.

Former Pro Surfer Clint Kimmins was interviewed on Slowtwitch before and he went 9:17:37 in Kona.

The most original race kit in Kona belonged to German Lukas Krämer. The fire fighter finished 1st in M30-34 with a 9:03:37.

American Dan Stubleski steadily hunted down Brit James Gilfillan for the win in M35-39 and best overall age group title. He swam 1:03:11, biked 4:43:43 and ran 2:58:19 for a total time of 8:50:22.

Checking out the competition at the entrance of the Natural Energy Lab.

Belgian Sam Gyde being chased by Aussies Nick Souter and Allister Caird.

Aussie twin Mark Luckin with bib number 2040 charges up Palani next to American Bobby Korkow. Luckin ended up getting away from Korkow, besting his twin sister and winning a dating game.

All the efforts in Kona were impressive.

American Carrie McCoy said hi to her family as she set out on the run.

German Katrin Esefeld went 9:53:23 on the way to win F30-34.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com