2016 SwimRun Utö impressions

The 2016 SwimRun season started with a bang in Utö where almost 300 teams of two faced cold waters, tough trails and stunning scenery. Here is a video and awesome pics from the race.

Teams scramble out of the water after an early swim in Utö.

A field this large is uncommon in SwimRun, but the sport is growing fast and gaining popularity.

Getting ready for the next water segment.

A stunning perspective from above.

Through the woods and ready for more water adventures.

In full flight, ready to get back on land.

Alone with mother nature and a few other cold and wet folks.

But human contact was also part of this Utö course.

Time check and mode switch time.

Some water sections can be crossed without swimming, but swimming is usually faster.

Tethered and moving along.

All this racing makes people hungry, but when you are cold even simple tasks can be challenging.

This way to the finish.

Full speed to the next check point.

The male champions Jonas Ekman and Lars Ekman on course in Utö.

Spectators enjoying a meal along the race course.

Alone with a cramp - ouch.

Nature's beauty.

These events would be impossible without volunteers.

All images © Jakob Edholm and Nadja Odenhage / ÖTILLÖ