A 2017 MLT Atlantic City video

Up close with the Major League Triathlon Atlantic City, the second stop of the 2017 series. The video is a look at the world and great attitude around the race and was shared by AJ Baucco, the 2016 Major League Triathlon Champion.

"To me, Major League Triathlon embodies the true roots of our sport. The athletes that race against each other are fiercely competitive on the course, but best friends off the course. The camaraderie between these 32 athletes is tremendous, and not just within each team. I have never been a part of a tighter group of competitors. The athletes travel together, stay together, race against each other and then celebrate each and every race together," said AJ Baucco.

The next Major League Triathlon race in is Avon, CO on August 26th 2017. Tune into the Major League Triathlon Facebook page for great live coverage of the event.

Instagram: @ajbaucco
Website: www.baucco.com