Images from Canyon's Road Show in Carlsbad

Catch the flavor of a Canyon Road Show – naturally aspirated by Slowtwitch – in some of the images below. This was the first of 4 of these shows to be held around the country.

The others will be June 1st in Austin, TX; June 22nd in the greater New York area; July 13th in Chicago; subject to change.

Here’s a gaggle of cyclists selfing, selfering, while getting ready for the pre-Road Show bike ride. There was a pretty good turnout – maybe 150? – for the ride.

Above, Lionel Sanders is palavering with Wahoo Fitness’s Stacy Perlis. Mostly I just wanted to write palavering. I wanted to use a word that has never appeared in the over 7,500 articles and 13 million posts on our Reader Forum. Alas, after checking, “palavering” has been used twice before here. Epic fail on my part.

Lionel Sanders, Carrie Lester, Andrew Talansky and Scott DeFillipis were there, on a panel moderated by Bob Babbitt. Scott has a pro-caliber 'stache.

Here’s Andrew Talansky getting in his run, on Zwift. I got in my run on the same treadmill, also via Zwift, as I am wont to do, in my quest to post a reasonable 100/100 Challenge total.

Ian Murray is pictured here doing the play by play of a bike fit I’m performing on a volunteer victim, pursuant to a purchase of a Canyon bicycle. This is how Ian and I spend most of our Road Show hours: bike fitting.

Talbot Cox was there and, with a little luck, we'll soon have a short video, Talbot-style, memorializing the event, and letting you all know what to expect in the other 3 shows.

[PHOTOS: All the photos except for the bad one showing Ian Murray courtesy of Talbot Cox. The bad one courtesy of me.]